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      The 8T Series is designed to integrate with our patent-pending connector system to simplify and speed up even the most complicated installations.
      Tape lighting must be hardwired into your electrical system, making planning critical.
      Cabinet lighting, disc lights and tape and channels add depth, dimension and visual interest.
      Tape lighting is like a designer’s secret weapon, an artist’s palette of light that can be used to bring out the beauty in a variety of spaces.
      Project planning helps you determine what lighting effects you want for your space before construction or remodeling begins.
      Different types of LED tape lighting often have different warranties. Stay in-the-know on what warranty you can expect with our products.
      For a tidy transition from outdoor to indoor, a mudroom is a great solution. That’s why this entry area has been popular for generations.
      What better place to show off your style than the room where you get ready for your day.
      There are important questions to think through before installing cabinet lighting and we want to help.
      LED Tape Lighting has found its ideal companion – channels. Together, they give you amazing potential, limited only by your imagination.
      Answers to your questions about installing, cleaning and general care of our products
      Dirty bulbs provide less light than clean ones. Simple as that. Learn how to properly clean and care for your fixtures so your house can truly shine.
      Shine in unexpected ways with tape and channel lights.
      Mid-century modern light styles continue to be re-imagined, making everything old new again.
      Popular with commercial accounts, a below-ground fixture is less likely to get damaged, but the style can be right for residential customers, too.
      Bring Personality to Outdoor Living with Kichlers New Collection of Portable Lanterns
      Get the breakdown on this energy-saving technology.
      Illuminate your office space with lighting that helps you focus and function.
      Understanding the color temperature of light is key in lighting design. Are you confused? We can help.
      The color of your light sets the tone of the job and the proper beam spread focuses the light where you need it.
      Today’s outdoor spaces are extensions of our homes. Here are a few of our favorite lighting tips to help you enjoy these spaces - day and night.
      When it comes to setting aside space for a craft room, the options are as limitless as the projects you can create.
      Summer’s full-court press can take the bounce out of even the most ardent, warm weather lover. A cool, breezy break is what we all need right now
      Why not help mom make the most of her day with a DIY spa. Let mom sit back, relax, and soak in the love.
      What is accent lighting? Where can I find the junction box? What does LED stand for? All these answers and more in our Lighting Glossary.
      The secret to lighting your home right in any circumstance? A mix of three types of illumination for a layered look.
      How Kichler® LED landscape lights are helping a community remember its heroes.
      The right light source is just as important as the right light fixture.