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      Arborwood fixture in foyer
      The entryway plays a big role in your everyday living, and so does the lighting. Want to make a big impact? Consider a large pendant or chandelier.
      Day time living room faturing Tollis 43012NBR and Alton 45295NBR
      Your living room is a place where you spend time, make memories, relax and unwind. Choose the ideal living room light fixtures for your space.
      Capitol Hill chandelier in dining room
      It’s important to choose lighting for your dining room that meets the needs of your family and your space.
      Day time dining room image featuring Room Armand
      If you just add a little mix into your match, the doors of décor begin to open.
      The right light can set the mood for an energetic workout, a calming yoga session or focused training.
      Dining room featuring Sabine 34826
      What is accent lighting? Where can I find the junction box? What does LED stand for? All these answers and more in our Lighting Glossary.
      Traditional Dining Room Tolani
      From round to rectangular, Chandeliers come in many shapes and sizes, it's hard to choose. We have a few key tips to help.
      Dining room featuring Solander 82317
      One of the most vibrant and visible pieces of decor in your home is the chandelier. But where do you even start?
      Closet featuring Downtown Deco 43964PN
      There are many ways to incorporate closet lighting in your space, all you need is a little inspiration.
      Shine in unexpected ways with tape and channel lights.
      Patio featuring Berryhill Portable Lanterns 49239BKTLED
      Today’s outdoor spaces are extensions of our homes. Here are a few of our favorite lighting tips to help you enjoy these spaces - day and night.
      Kitchen with Braelyn 43457CLP and 44015WZC
      The right bulb can make all the difference.
      Viewing Kichler Catalog on an iPad
      From the appropriate chandelier height to cleaning tips, we cover all the lighting basics (and then some).
      Landscape Design Tips
      Discover all of Kichler's landscape, outdoor & indoor lighting including chandeliers, pendants, ceiling lights and other lighting fixtures.
      If there is no place like YOUR home during the holidays, take a look at some helpful ways to create a sleep retreat for any holiday guests.
      Create the ideal Outdoor Livinf Space
      Warm weather is finally here. Time to head outside to play, relax and hang out with family and friends.
      Ready to make your place easier-breezier, but need inspiration? Learn how to create stylish retreats with a vacay vibe that’ll last all year long.
      Dinner parties have never been more fun in a setting that is reminiscent of an era of long-ago combined with modern pieces of today.
      Dining room featuring Alexia 52048BKT
      You can bring in so much dimension with an eclectic mix of finishes. Start with these tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master mixologist.
      Ashley Wilson, the designer behind At Home with Ashley was one of the special guests at our showroom during Lightovation 2020 at Dallas market.
      Office Lifestyle
      When it comes to setting aside space for a craft room, the options are as limitless as the projects you can create.
      Day time dining room image featuring Kimrose chandelier 52413BNB
      Anything but traditional, gold is a staple of almost every décor style. So, no matter what your home looks like, you can add a pop of shine.
      Sylvia wall sconce in office
      We embark on 2022 with a sense of optimism and hope. Here are the design trends to watch out for in 2022.
      Kitchen featuring  43498BK 59002BK
      There’s a lot to love about a luxe look in the kitchen. And it offers a polished luxury feel that few other looks can give.
      Night time Bathroom featuring Moonlit vanity light 83854BKWH
      What better place to show off your style than the room where you get ready for your day.
      Day time kitchen featuring Linara 44168BK
      At Kichler, everything we do, every single day, is with the mission of giving people unique ways to see what is most important to them.
      Kitchen Airbnb Realtor
      We asked common residential and rental real estate FAQ to Jonathan Carvallo, a real estate agent & Airbnb host.
      The secret to lighting your home right in any circumstance? A mix of three types of illumination for a layered look.
      Here are some of the top trends from 2018.
      Kitchenfeaturing 45892NI 49239BKTLED
      Perhaps you're not ready to redecorate the entire room. What can you do? Here are a few tips to help get you started...
      Night time bedroom image featuring Baland 52419BNB
      When it comes to the décor of your home, this throwback style is a trend that stands the test of time.
      The holidays are coming, and, while there may not be large gatherings around the table this year, your space still deserves to have some style.
      Night time Dining Room featuring Alexia 52048BKT
      Glitz, glimmer, and gold define the 70’s Glam style. Glam does not, however, have to be full of drama or make a loud scene