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Modern upstairs hallway with white floors and walls, featuring tape and recessed down lights.

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8T Commercial Grade LED Tape Light

The 8T Series of Commercial Grade LED Tape Light, powered by the 8TD 0-10V Dimmable Driver, is designed to integrate with our patent-pending connector accessory system to simplify and speed up even the most complicated tape light design installations. The tape features a double layer of copper that works together to support increased run lengths with less voltage drop. Connections are also simplified as the eight unique connector accessories easily snap into place, and are designed to take the guesswork out of tape polarity.

Benefits of 8T vs. Tape

24V Dry LED Tape: Commercial grade, 24/7 operation, and when paired with channels, provides countless design possibilities

  • Available in Standard, High, and Ultra High output in 5 color temperatures:

    2200, 2700, 3000, 4000, and 5000K

  • An assortment of strips and rolls, ranging from 4in to 100ft

  • Compatible with 8 unique connector accessories to complement any design configuration

  • Double layer copper system for extended run length: 67 ft. Standard, 33 ft. High, 10 ft. Ultra High

  • Field-cuttable on marked cut lines

  • Edge to edge 3M adhesive

Voltage Drop

  • Voltage Drop and Tape Light

    Tape light is subject to voltage drop as run lengths increase. This results in a decrease of lumen output along the length of the tape light. This can limit the max run lengths to avoid perceivable lumen degradation.

  • Circuit Design The 8T Tape is designed to carry voltage more evenly across longer runs of tape light. The circuit board features two layers of copper. The top layer is a ‘local’ layer which powers the LEDs within a 4″ section. The second layer is a ‘trunk’ line that caries voltage across longer runs with less voltage drop (when compared to single-layered 6T Tape Light).

  • Copper Weight The 8T Tape light is employed with a heavier copper weight (layman’s terms: thicker copper trace) that allow for longer run lengths (when compared to 4T and 6T) without sacrificing performance. Secondly, this allows the product to withstand commercial grade use capable of 24/7 operation.

  • Voltage Drop vs Length In testing, we learned that the voltage drop is dependent of the length of the run. So, the longer the run length, the more voltage drop the entire run will see. This teaches us that shorter run lengths are desired to maintain a more even output. This fact is not exclusive to 8T, but rather to all tape light products.

8TD 0-10V Dimmable Driver

The 8TD 0-10V Dimmable Driver is a compact 120-277 input voltage power supply for premium residential and commercial control systems that allow contractors to stock and use one power supply, regardless of the job.

  • Compatible to work with 8T Tape Light, 6T 24v Tape and TE Channels as well as all Kichler 24V fixtures

  • Perfect for residential to light commercial projects

  • Easily links multiple low-voltage fixtures together with 0-10v dimming control, which allows for different types of products to respond at once

  • Allows contractors to use one power supply, regardless of the job

  • Slim in size to allow for more flexibility in placement

  • Self-contained enclosure design meets NEC® code and eliminates the need to purchase an additional enclosure

  • Designed with six knockouts, four on the primary side (AC) of the power going in and two on the secondary side (DC) that connects to the fixtures. Providing flexibility for the placement of the driver and wiring to the fixtures.

8T Series Connectors

Our 8T Series Connectors are a robust, patent pending, pluggable tape connector accessory system that can greatly reduce installation errors and speed up overall install time.

  • Push in, reliable connection for ease of installation

  • Provides 0-180 degree connection for universal polarity

  • Tape-to-wire connectors allow the installer to utilize their preferred 20-22AWG wire

  • Flexible connectors allow connections to bend around corners for new unique installation solutions

  • The 8T connectors are design to carry the full (4A) load of standard, high or even ultra high tape light outputs.

Polarity is a game changer in LED Tape Light installations - our connector accessory system is polarity independent to allow for easy installation, no matter which direction the tape is facing.

8T Tape-to-Tape Connector


8T Tape-to-Tape, Flex

Tape-to-Tape, Flex

8T 90º Tape-to-Tape, Flex

90º Tape-to-Tape, Flex

3 Way connector connecting 3 tape lights.

3-Way Tape-to-Tape, Flex

Product image of a 4 way connector connecting 4 8T tape lights.

4-Way Tape-to-Tape, Flex

Close up of a Supply line being connect to a tape light.

Tape-to-Supply Lead

Close up of a tape to wire being connected.


Close up of a tape to wire connector on an 8T tape light.

Tape-to-Wire, Flex


Extends the length of the project by connecting two strands of tape close together for an even, uniform spacing of light across the length of a run.


Unique, bendable design allows you to join two strands of tape together to navigate corners or change in direction, regardless of polarity.


Perfect for connecting two strands of tape around a corner, creating 90-degree angles or flexing around areas with dimensions.


Flexible enough to connect the intersection of three strands of tape together to create unique lines or fixtures no matter which direction the project takes you.


Use this 4-Way Tape-to-Tape, Flex connector to connect the intersection of four strands of tape, as well as flex to accommodate additional changes in direction.


Light a staircase and more with Tape-to-Wire, Flex. Connector easily pushes into the base, can bend around corners and be paired with the wire of your choosing, matching the polarity of the connector.


Easily add your preferred wire to any installation with our Tape-to-Wire connector. With the wire polarity aligned, you can simply push in the connector to bring power to the tape.


Light a staircase and more with Tape-to-Wire, Flex. Connector easily pushes into the base, can bend around corners and be paired with the wire of your choosing, matching the polarity of the connector.

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