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      Hardscape Lighting Technology

      Hardscape Lighting


      Hardscape Lighting Technology

      12V Integrated LED Hardscape

      12V Integrated LED Hardscape is the next generation in hardscape lighting. Illuminating retaining walls and adding safety to outdoor areas and steps, the 12V Integrated LED Hardscape new features include pivot rotation (180° pivot rotation with direct install and 270° pivot rotation with mounting bracket), enhanced optical lens for uniform light (virtually eliminating hotspots, glare, and scalloping), and expanded versatile installation for more creative layout options.

      Amazing Versatility

      New to hardscape lighting? Below are examples of where 12V Integrated LED Hardscape can be used: 

      • Retaining and seating walls
      • Decks
      • Handrails
      • Steps
      • Benches
      • Outdoor kitchens
      • Toe kicks
      • Deck rails
      • Pergolas
      • Under eaves
      • Signage
      • Columns
      What Sets Us Apart?

      Pivot Rotation
      The 12V Integrated LED Hardscape adjustable fixture can pivot 180o for direct to substrate install and 270o when installed with mounting bracket. This mobility permits light to be angled exactly where it is needed, allowing you to customize and lock the fixture into position for the look you want to achieve.

      Enhanced optics and lenses for uniform light
      Offering a custom optical lens that diffuses light to deliver smooth, uniform output while eliminating hotspots and glare that may reflect off walls or installation areas.  Having the LED light engine slightly recessed helps glare control.

      Versatile Installation
      This new landscape product is integrated LED, and its housing cavity and electronics are encapsulated to help keep all critical components protected against the elements. Because of this design and the ability to angle the light where needed, the 12V Integrated LED Hardscape provides versatile installation options — allowing Installers to become more creative with their landscape lighting designs.

      4,000-volt system surge protection
      The 12V Integrated LED Hardscape design helps guard against system power surges and irregularities.

      Mounting bracket
      Customizable mounting bracket with breakaway corner tabs allows contractors to install in retrofit applications more easily. Designed as an installation template with centering notch and screw pilot holes for installation guidance when mounting.

      Backed by Kichler Lighting’s 15-Year Warranty for consumer purchasers and 10-Year Warranty for commercial purchasers.