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      Maybe your day starts before the sun gets up – or ends long after dark. With a Kichler Design Pro LED Controller you can enhance your property with on-command personalized lighting effects that match the way you live. Every area of your property will be broken into a landscape lighting zone – and each zone can be preprogrammed to turn on and off independently – the way you want.

      Whether it's dinner alfresco after work, poolside get-togethers that run long into the night or intimate gatherings under the stars, life happens outside. And when the sun goes down, your lighting should rise to the occasion. With Kichler® Design Pro LED landscape lighting, powered by a Kichler Design Pro LED Controller, you'll get the most out of your outdoor spaces – in the most personalized way possible. From lighting entertaining areas for maximum enjoyment to illuminating your property for a more secure entry – Kichler makes it possible to plan your lighting around your lifestyle.

      Benefits At-a-Glance

      Create on-command lighting effects that take LED landscape lighting designs to a new level of personalization.

      • Versatile

        • Multiple wattage and independent zone options accommodate a range of project sizes and needs
        • Enables unique lighting zones for different areas of a property to be controlled independently
        • 12 independent schedules allow for a variety of on/off options within the independently controlled zones
        • Compatible with all 12V Kichler® Design Pro LED fixtures and most other brands’ 12V LED landscape lighting fixtures – no special fixtures to buy
        • Enables more capacity or zones by syncing multiple controllers to run off of one controller
        • Automatically calculates the wattage load to optimize the number of fixtures in each zone and summarizes the overall load on the controller
      • Intuitive and Simple

        • Setting the time, date and geographic location are all that’s needed to get started
        • Controller automatically adjusts for the time zone and daylight savings time
        • Use factory presets for quick setup or to jump-start customized on/off schedules
        • Digital menu takes the user through the programming steps
        • Tri-lingual menu options – easily switch between English, Spanish or French
        • Lightweight design for easy handling while transporting and installing
        • Smaller #14 through #18 gauge wire is easier to install, bury, conceal and safer to use
        • Straightforward programming menus make the entire installation process simple
        • Memory function allows the system to be programmed before installing at the jobsite
        • Optional accessories* allow various types of 120V products to be added to the network and managed by the controller such as outdoor lanterns, holiday lighting and fountain pumps
        • Optional remote allows homeowners to temporarily override settings for special occasions
        • Wireless updates allow for increased functionality to be added to existing controllers immediately and in the future
      • Flexible

        • Z-Wave® compatibility makes it easy to add accessories to expand design capabilities
        • Individual controllers can be grouped together to form a seamless wireless network
      • Trusted

        • 7 amp (vs. 25 amp) safety trip to protect the installation from electrical shorts and overloads
        • Wet-location rated and fully potted to withstand harsh weather conditions and climate changes
        • Virtually no hum or vibration
        • Operates at -40° F to 140° F (-40°C to 60°C)
        • Industry Leading warranty
      • Smart and Cost Effective

        • If there is a short or overload in the system, the controller identifies the type of issue and immediately shuts down the affected zone (vs. the entire system)
        • Isolates common issues so you can quickly address them
        • Because it is DC more LED fixtures can be loaded on the system. There is no power factor (VA) run, unlike a traditional AC transformer that requires the higher VA to load the system
        • Safely use smaller gauge wire = lower costs
        • Intuitive programming menu and critical system readouts = time savings that add up
        • More design flexibility and control = helps you exceed homeowner expectations, create more satisfied customers

      *See for additional options

      Z-Wave is a registered trademark of Sigma Design and its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.