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      Demo Kits



      Demo Kits

      For Customers, Seeing Is Believing

      According to several of our top sales reps and contractors, roughly 80% of customers who are shown a demo will say “yes!” to landscape lighting from Kichler Lighting.

      Why are demos so effective for sales? Not all customers have a good imagination. They cannot close their eyes and see the landscape lighting design the way you can. With a demo, they see what they’re buying – not just your design, but also what you’re like to work with. Show them how you are able to collaborate and address their ideas and concerns.

      Here are a few tips for staging a demo that excites and sells:

      • Talk with both spouses or partners – learn about everyone’s preferences as you survey the property so your demo reflects the desires of all decision-makers.
      • Ask questions – ask your homeowners what they want to illuminate and why. Is it for safety? Or to showcase specific architecture, trees, or plants?
      • Carry a demo kit of diverse fixtures – we suggest our VLO (variable lumen output) accent lights of both 35 and 60 degrees, in different sizes, as well as some path & spread lighting.
      • Sell with a snapshot – don't light the whole yard, just a strategic part of it, such as a section of the house or yard. Show enough to create enthusiasm and trust that you are the one to do the job.
      • Set up during the day but adjust at dusk – use nightfall to make the lighting effect perfect.
      • Walk the property after set up and invite opinions – many homeowners will fill in the dark areas as they walk along and view the demo; potentially increasing the value of the proposed lighting package.
      • Give them a two-day glimpse of the future – leave your demo up for two days. Then remove it so the customer notices the stunning outdoor difference and wants your lights forever.

      You want your demo to be efficient, effective, and safe. Here are few things to also consider having on hand:

      • An extension cord to connect the transformer in case there's no outlet nearby.
      • Rugs or doormats to cover any wires that may cross over sidewalks or high traffic areas to avoid any trips or falls.
      • A hard-shell briefcase to protect demo fixtures and give your kit a more professional look.
      • Quick connects and pre-cut lengths of 12-guage wire to help you set up and take down your demo more quickly.
      • Battery packs (76BK) so your demo kits can be more flexible to the prospect's property and lighting design, and a 300-watt transformer
      Kichler Lighting believes so much in the effectiveness of a well-executed lighting demo that we offer a way to earn a free demo kit to you as a contractor.

      To take advantage of this offer:

      1. Sign up and complete your registration for Kichler Lighting’s LightPro™ Rewards program. 
      2. Contact your participating Kichler® distributor to create a custom demo kit.
      3. Ask your distributor to place the order through their Kichler® Sales Representative.
      4. Pick up your demo kit from your distributor and start the demonstration with your homeowners!

      For more details and program regulations, see our brochure.

      Learn More About LightPro Rewards