C-Series Accent and Flood Lights


C-Series Accent and Flood Lights

LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting that lives up to the Kichler name and your reputation.

Accent & Flood Lighting
  • Center-to-edge optics - C-Series Accents and Floods offer center-to-edge optics for precise and uniform beam spread with no artifacts. In addition, each fixture is designed with 3-step binning to deliver a consistent color from fixture to fixture.
  • Potted driver is fully potted to protect against water ingression to ensure performance.
  • Plugged knuckle cavity with strain relief and internal cord grip system prevents movement to reinforce a secure connection at the source.
    Multi-layer front lens seal ensures a moisture resistant seal.
  • Dual Cavity Design - Cast aluminum housing divided into two independent compartments protect the optical chamber and LEDs from the operating heat of the driver.
  • Internal Thermal Management - Internal cast heat sinking repels heat from the driver to maximize lifetime performance.
  • Machined threads and lock nuts for simple installations and adjustability.
  • Durable knuckle with deep grooved teeth for stronger engagement that is less likely to wear down.
  • Built-in draining designed to prevent water from pooling on the face of the fixture.

The sturdy design of the Kichler C-Series line delivers years of quality light performance.

  • Exceptionally Engineered
    • The C-Series line provides 120V-277V universal voltage from one fixture and contains built-in surge protection (4kV). The durable knuckle features clean-cut, deep ridges for  stronger engagement and comes equipped with vandal-resistant hardware for extended durability. And, our sleek designs feature die-cast, all-metal housings finished with a polyester powder coating that stands up to environmental demands.

  • Designed for Performance
    • Our C-Series LED fixtures feature the latest in LED technology with center-to-edge optics for a precise beam spread that is uniform and crisp. Our 3-step binning process also assures the color you choose – 3000K or 4000K – is consistent from fixture to fixture.
    • Sleek and coordinating designs
    • Thick-gauge, cast metal housings
    • Textured powder coat finish
    • Center-to-edge optics