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Studio apartment during the day featuring a Shailene chandelier above dining table


There’s a reason real estate agents turn on every light at an open house: lighting helps stage and enhance a home.

Layers of Light

A well-lit property draws attention to every detail and showcases the quality and craftsmanship that makes today’s new builds so desirable. Lighting different zones and areas of a room–as well as the entire space–helps provide this visual interest and makes rooms more functional.

When choosing lighting, consider these three light “layers”:

  • Ambient or General Lighting provides light throughout a room. Consider overhead lights like chandeliers and ceiling fixtures.

  • Task Lighting adds extra light to areas where chores and activities get done: reading in a bedroom, chopping foods in the kitchen, applying makeup in the bathroom, etc.

  • Accent or Decorative Lighting adds interest to the décor or architecture: tray ceilings, lighting below or above cabinets, a light over a fireplace.