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      Low Voltage Transformer for Landscape Lighting


      Low Voltage Landscape Transformers
      What type of transformer is used for landscape lighting? A low-voltage transformer is used for landscape lighting. It converts the line voltage (120V) to a low voltage for landscape lighting installations. The size depends on the project's scope, layout, and how many lights are in the run. Learn more in the Landscape Lighting Guide.
      What are landscape transformers for? Landscape lighting transformers are used to operate low-voltage lighting systems and can plug into a 120V standard GFCI outlet.
      Do landscape transformers use AC or DC? Low-voltage landscape transformers use AC or alternating current.
      Where should a landscape transformer be placed? Outdoor lighting transformers should be placed close to a standard GFCI outlet, within 8 feet. They can be placed inside our outdoors, depending on outlet access.