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      steps with hardscape lighting


      Hardscape Lighting

      What are hardscape lights? Hardscape lights are low-profile fixtures that add dimension to tight areas and can be integrated into stone or brickwork. Hardscape lights are used to illuminate steps safely and work well as retaining wall lights which can be added during the construction of a brick or stone retaining wall just underneath the capstones.

      How do you illuminate a stone wall? Retaining wall lights can be installed during construction before the top cap is placed on the wall. Be sure to create a channel for the wire run, and you'll want to leave a little extra wire right behind the fixture to make servicing it easy in the future.

      How far apart should hardscape lights be? lacing your hardscape lights depends on the size of the fixture and how high off the ground you are mounting the light. For example, when working with steps, you'll want to mount the hardscape light close to the ground, spacing the light between 3 and 5 feet in the center of the step. For retaining walls, lighting placement ranges between 4 and 8 feet in the center. Learn more Hardscape Lighting Basics.