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      Outdoor Ceiling Fan Rana 310155NI


      Ceiling Fans

      Outdoor Ceiling Fans

      Our outdoor ceiling fans are designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors and are classified as: damp, wet or Weather+

      What is an outdoor ceiling fan? A damp rated outdoor fan must be used under cover and not directly exposed to the elements. A wet rated outdoor fan can be exposed to direct precipitation when installed on structures, such as pergolas. Our Weather+ outdoor fans are wet rated and combat factors such as saltwater spray and the impact from UV rays.

      How do you install an outdoor ceiling fan? Whether you’ve installed an indoor ceiling fan before, or it’s your first time, it’s always good to refer to the instructions. Check out our Ceiling Fan Installation Guide for tips on how to install a ceiling fan.

      How do you clean an outdoor ceiling fan? To ensure that your ceiling fans are working their best, it’s important to keep them free of dust and debris. Cleaning also helps keep the motors and blades performing smoothly. Learn the details on how to clean your ceiling fan.