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      Does anyone know what "contemporary" really means? It can be a bit of a conundrum, but it frees you up to be…you. Contemporary is current and constantly evolving. Today’s definition might be clean lines and smooth surfaces, but tomorrow’s might be different. Contemporary takes a deep breath and relaxes, settling into the groove that is the moment. It can be the sleek shape of a side table and the sofa you happily sink into.

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      Contemporary vs. Modern

      "Contemporary design evokes the essence of the moment. While it can take inspiration from heritage Modern styles such as Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco, the aesthetic continually pushes boundaries and defies tradition. Modern design, on the contrary, refers specifically to the design aesthetics of a past era between the 1920s through the 1970s."

      - Mollie Hambro, Associate, Trend and Design

      Contemporary featured product: Baland Chandelier

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      Key Contemporary Characteristics

      Minimal Accessories
      Minimal Accessories

      You won’t find a lot of excess here. Contemporary is all about the minimum making a maximum statement. Well-chosen and well-placed accessories allow sophistication to shine.

      Maximize Minimalism
      Lots of Light
      Lots of Light

      Contemporary looks love layered lighting and the more natural light the better. Big and beautiful plants can be a nice accent, as can accent lighting. Downlights and rail lights can help you showcase photography and art.

      Learn To Layer
      Mix of textures and materials
      Mix of textures and materials

      Focus on materiality - in both decorative accents and accessories. Natural materials such as warm woods, rattan, marble accents, and organic linens are continuing to trend.

      More Ways To Mix
      Neutrals with a Splash of Color
      Neutrals with a Splash of Color

      Taupe. Cream. Bright white. Let neutrals be the star, and bring in splashes of bright color in a pillow, a piece of art, or maybe even a blooming plant – who doesn’t love a flower?

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      The Art of Lighting

      The perfect light can elevate a space and set a mood. It can serve as an art form with geometric shapes, curves and distinctive finishes. élan offers all this and more.



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