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      Living Room

      Living Room Lighting Ideas

      The living room. The family room. The great room. No matter what you call it, the best route to the look you want is to map out how you’ll use the space. Knowing what you’ll do there can help you choose the best, most beautiful and energy-efficient fixtures. Let Kichler Lighting help you plan your living room lighting scheme.

      Living Room Style Ideas

      Traditional living room lighting ideas with the Lydra ceiling fan Living room featuring Lydra ceiling fan, 310073DBK

      Updated Traditional

      Updated Traditional says bye-bye to what was burdensome and hello to what’s lighter, simpler and more subtle. Elevate your traditional style space into something more fun, sleek but still charming. 

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      Traditional living room lighting ideas with the Lydra ceiling fan Updated Traditional Living Room with Capitol Hill chandelier, 52304CLZ
       Tamara Day Updated traditional living room, 44260AVI

      Find Your Style

      Black or brass, farmhouse or mid-century...our influencers know how to make Kichler work in any style space. Featured Influencers: Brightly DesignHouse of HireTamara Day

      Looking for more style inspiration or ready to get started on your own project?

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      Collage of influencers Living Rooms



      Decorative light brings a special warmth into a living room. You can cut the glare and soften the shadows. That side table or end table that you adore? Give it the attention it deserves with a pendant or pendant cluster. Need to clear the air while shedding some light? An indoor ceiling fan might just do the trick.

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      Create Calm
      Create Calm

      Calming Aura is dim, warm-toned light that decompresses the mind and calms the nerves. To set the mood for relaxation, use sconces in a living room nook or under counter or toe kick LED lighting in the bathroom, and cue the exhale.

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      Highlight favorite features
      Highlight favorite features

      Sconces on either side of a bookcase. A light above the painting or sculpture, and maybe on both sides of it. Your living room is your living room. Nobody else’s. That’s why it matters to take the time to light it right and draw attention to what you love the most in your home.

      Wall Sconce installation
      Planning and Selecting
      Planning and Selecting

      Your living room is a place where you spend time, make memories, relax and unwind. To put your moments in the best light, make sure it sparkles. Here's how to choose the ideal living room light fixtures for your space.

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      Chandelier Installation Tips

      One of the most vibrant and visible pieces of decor in your home, the chandelier, can only truly shine if you actually install it. It does no good sitting in a box. But where do you even start? Don't worry, we have a few easy steps to get you going as you install your stunning statement piece. 

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