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March 22, 2022

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Warm Finishes, a Welcoming Trend

6 light Karthe chandelier over dining room table with two sconces and a pendant light all on at night.

When it comes to décor, finishes are what make the style stand out. A stark black finish can feel more modern, while a warm-toned wood on the same accessory can change the look to feel more traditional. Our newest finishes, part of the Homestead Collection, are here to help you bring a romantically rustic look to your home.

6 Light Karthe chandelier in a kitchen on in the daytime
Baile sconce on a white wall turned on in the daytime.

Go blonde with this finish that’s as subtle as it is beautiful. Use in accents like furniture or picture frames for a touch of nature. A blonde wood with subtle grain character, Beech is on display in the Karthe collection, in spindle details that give an heirloom feel to your room.


A soft mix of gray and beige, Greige is a light matte neutral tone. It pairs well with almost any finish and paint color, which is why it’s one of the most popular décor trends today. The Baile line features a Greige gathered-wheat motif, helping your rustic, homespun look shine.

Topiary 6 light chandelier in a living room turned on the in the daytime
Detail shot of a Melis chandelier turned on during the day
Character Bronze

This finish has plenty of character, a warm gold-toned base complemented by subtle bronze detailing for the look of aged cast bronze. This finish can be replicated on faucet and hardware fixtures and is a prominent part of the Topiary line from the Homestead collection.

Warm Maple

Another way to bring the outdoors in is with a Maple finish. A light wood with straight graining, Warm Maple gives a natural warmth into your home. A staple of the slower-living, Warm Maple brings a cottagecore-inspired look to the Melis collection. Reminiscent of hand-carved craftsmanship, Warm Maple speaks to heritage details from a simpler time.

6 Light Baile chandelier above a dinning room table in the day time turned on
6 light Melis chandelier above a dinning room table in the day turned on
Finishes that Span Styles

Beyond beautiful, these finishes are both versatile and complementary. Each of these finishes can span styles from vintage to rustic to the comfortable romance of cottagecore. So whatever style you have in your space, try one of these finishes for a touch of elegance and beauty.

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