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January 3, 2022

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Vintage Style

Detailed image of a vintage style light bulb turned on

Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and thought to yourself "this is so unique, where did they get all of this?!" Chances are, at least some elements in that home are vintage. Generally, vintage style means incorporating furnishings, lighting, accessories or color palettes from an earlier time period. But somehow, the Vintage look has remained anything but old fashioned. Defined by a nostalgic, lived-in aesthetic, vintage style places an emphasis on character-defining elements that make a space uniquely you.

As you might expect, vintage can take many forms. Mixing and matching styles is key to the vintage look, so take a little inspiration from everywhere for a perfectly imperfect space.

Vintage Industrial

This look has a hand-forged focus and is easily found in most antique and vintage shops. Characterized by grays, painted metals and exposed fixtures, this is a look that’s right at home in a loft or bungalow. Heavy wood bed frames, leather couches and metallic light fixtures like our Grendel chandelier make for great focal points to build your room or outdoor space around. Try pairing with our Eastmont™ fixtures as well.

Detail product shot of a grendel chandelier on a white background
Image of a front room connecting to a living room with an Eastmont pendant above a table in the front room and an Eastmont chandelier in the center of the living room both lights on at night

Vintage Farmhouse

Using similar wood and metals to the industrial look, vintage farmhouse adds an element of unfinished elegance to the vintage style. Untreated materials, weathered woods and neutral tones make this a more relaxed take on the modern farmhouse trend from the mid-2010s. Exposed beams against a white backdrop, topped off by a statement fixture like the Moorgate chandelier or Montauk™ pendant make this look perfect for an inviting kitchen or find a fixture that shines on a relaxing outdoor patio.

3 Montauk pendants hanging over an island kitchen table all on in the day
A Moorgate chandelier over a wooden dinning room table turned on during the day

Vintage Lodge

The lodge look is nothing if not natural. Warm wood, leather and animal elements combine with big prints like buffalo plaid to make you feel like you’re in the woods, even when you’re in the middle of your family room. A large leather couch, over a bearskin (or faux skin) rug invites you to cozy up by the fire while a statement fixture like the Taulbee™ or Mathias™ chandelier can add an element of elegance to this cozy space.

Modern cabin living room during the day with Mathias chandelier
Detail shot of a 6 light Taulbee chandelier turned on

Vintage Coastal

With this look, anyone can feel like they have a cottage by the sea, even in the middle of the country. White, navy, and corals combined with materials like glass and light metal in furniture and light fixtures, like the Tilson™ pendant or the Ashland Bay ceiling light.

3 light Ashlandbay vanity light above a mirror and bathroom sink turned on in the daytime
Two exterior Ashlandbay sconces mounted on either side of a front door turned on during the day


Mid-century is by definition vintage, as it’s a call back to the 50s and 60s. What gives it that vintage feel is all of the original items you can still find today at estate sales or flea markets. Chairs, buffets and dining sets in the signature diagonal lines and light woods of the Mid Century style can add a touch of vintage to any space. Try pairing with the Baland™ chandelier or the Pytel™ chandelier in fox gold as it's the perfect mid-century stunner to bring a statement to your room.

6 Light Baland chandelier in a living room turned on during the daytime
Detail product shot on a white background of a bronze finished chandelier with crystal detailing

Art Deco

Like mid-century, art deco calls back eras of old. In this case, the roaring 20’s. Art deco is luxurious, oversized and opulent and vintage pieces in this style are easy to find and easier to love, like the Kimrose™ wall sconce. Defined by contrasts, art deco pairs different textures and shapes, which is what makes the oval and pill shapes of the Phaelan™ mirror a perfect piece.

Kimrose sconce in a living room turned on at night
Product image shot on a white background of a Champagne gold Phaelan mirror

Vintage décor can be built around a statement piece like an old oil painting or an ornate brass candelabra, or use more subtle elements of the style to set a mod mood. Current trends in vintage style encourage you to embrace a more minimal look while pairing the décor with high-end antiques.

Bonus style tip: Use edison style bulbs to add a vintage flair to any fixture! Style your space however you want, the only rule with vintage is to make it yours.

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