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March 23, 2022

3 min


Curating a Vintage Look for the Home

Vintage living room with a wood fireplace and a Topiary chandelier in the center of the room

As dreamy as it is cozy, cottagecore is a style that speaks to a simpler life, adding romance and comfort to every element of your home. Central to the signature cottagecore look is the repurposing of previously loved items. From furniture to art to accessories, here’s everything you need to know to get the look on your next antiquing adventure.

Detail shot of a Melis chandelier turned on during the day
Detail shot of a cabinet with vintage metal detailing
What to look for
  • An eclectic mix of wood tones in furniture, flooring, and decorative accents

  • Textiles boasting delicate patterns and textures. Think sweet florals, ticking stripes, mohair for upholstery and draperies.

  • Vintage area rugs, colorful quilts, and crocheted throw blankets.

  • Furniture with character, like a statement sofa, tables and chairs with ornate wood turnings, hutches, and cabinets to display a beautiful collection of glassware, cedar chests and books.

  • Trust your instincts. Mix and match old with new and hone in on celebrating your home’s architectural history with your personal collections, curated family heirlooms, and the stories each piece could tell.

Where to go
  • Antique malls, which often house multiple vendors.

  • Flea markets. These occur either weekly, monthly or bi-annually, so make sure to check your local listings.

  • Estate sales. Note: A lot of companies list estate sales online, and prices are often reduced on the final day of sale.

  • Auction houses

  • Resale/consignment shops

  • Your family’s attics/basements/garage

What to bring
  • Reusable totes or boxes

  • Tape measure

  • A document with measurements of your space, including length, width, depth and height.

  • A friend, to talk you in and out of spending money.

  • Cash. While many vendors have moved into virtual payment or credit card readers, there’s always a dealer who prefers cash only.

A lifestyle shot of vintage framed photos, hand held mirrors, and books
Lifestyle shot of someone writing in a notebook with a pen
What to know

Prep & Schedule

Take the avenue most comfortable to you – are you up for a full day of treasure hunting, a quick stop while running errands, or just some online browsing? Keep in mind flea markets sometimes have “early bird” entry with a general fee, estate sales may have lines and hand out numbers—and both events may span multiple days. Also consider whether you have a vehicle and enough hands to transport large items.


It is important to be comfortable with what you’re spending. It’s just as important to respect the asking price of the dealer. What isn’t seen is the work put into sourcing, transporting, cleaning, or repairing the items they have on offer. If you find a piece and you’re questioning the price, ask the seller about it or look at comparable items. Keep in mind not everyone is willing to haggle, so just ask before you begin a bargain.


Look the piece over, no matter how large or small. Age and imperfections add character—but it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with a little once-over to ensure you’re comfortable with the condition of the item before committing.


You might find an item that checks all the boxes, but maybe it’s missing a piece of hardware or two. Swapping out for fresh hardware or a quick coat of paint is a way to coordinate with your space and add a little update to the piece. Don’t discount something if it isn’t picture perfect!

Lifestyle shot of a collection of vintage plates
Lifestyle shot of a vintage style open sign for a store front
Lifestyle shot of a vase with wildflowers in it and wooden vintage kitchen supplies in the background

Now that you’re ready to curate your cottagecore space, it’s time to start thinking about just how cozy, welcoming and beautiful your home can be. Let us help light your space with this style and lighting fixtures from our Homestead Collection.

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