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February 18, 2024

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Emerging Style Trends

A south western style library den lit up by a Mathias chandelier with tapelights lighting up the book shelves on the back wall at night

Emerging from a year spent almost entirely in our homes, 2021 and beyond brings about style trends that express both the comfort of our homes, as well as the desire to explore the world. These inspiring new trends coupled with twists on staple styles are setting the tone for a bright year ahead.

Southwest style living room with Mid-Century modern influences, rough textured furniture and decorations, with gold and bronze finishes

Modern Southwest

Southwestern style has been making its way across the country for years, and its most recent iteration mixes Mid-Century Modern influences into the timeless cool of earth tones and rough textures. Terracotta and rough textures fuse with brushed gold and bronze for a modern twist. Gray wood and concrete bring a cooler tone to this traditionally warm style.

Photo from @amyepeters

Scandinavian style Kitchen with three Jeno pendants over a wooden kitchen island with tape lights lighting up a shelf on the back wall


"Scandinavian, like Japanese design sensibilities, has transcended material aesthetics to influencing a way of living and curating a home. Whether that is thoughtfully collecting vintage furniture, creating a space for mental wellness within the home, or finding ways to connect indoor areas more closely to nature." 

- Mollie Hambro, Associate, Trend & Design

An office space with natural elements including live plants, beech and teak finishes and bamboo inspired fixtures


This new style roars into the homes with a variety of natural elements like live plants and shapes inspired by nature. Global prints paired with bamboo, rattan and jute keep the adventurous feeling alive. Beech and teak finishes are the perfect touches to round out this lively look.

Photo by @thehousethatdiybuilt

Style Staples - with a twist

While new trends are on the rise, there are some looks that never go out of style. Putting your own spin on these styles helps create a space that works for you. 

Luxe Traditional

These days, an element of luxe style is being infused into almost every look. Luxe traditional has the potential to be one of the most beautiful décor trends of the year. Muted jewel tones add pops of statement style, while velvets, crystal and marble make this look feel high-end and on-trend. Finishes in natural brass, black and champagne gold make statement pieces like the Calyssa or Birkleigh feel cohesive and timeless. 

Product image on a white background of a Fox Gold Calyssa Chandelier
A dinning room lit up with a Birkleigh chandelier
Soft Modern

A subtler form of Modern décor, this style uses muted tones and light woods to contrast matte finishes. Brushed and matte metals add elements of warmth to a more typically stark style. The finishes of the Cullen and Calters collection are the perfect accent to this edgy but evolved trend.

A kitchen with 2 Calters pendants above a white marble kitchen island in the daytime with the lights turned on
A dinning room with a Calters chandelier over the dinning room table
Global Boho

Bespoke and eclectic, this style is casual and fun, distinguishing itself with mixed prints in pinks, teals and creams alongside natural materials like rattan and leather. The painted metals and fringe define this lived-in look. Try a head-turning piece from the Brisbane collection for an accent that’s out of this world. 

A Distressed Black Bisbane Chandelier detail shot on a white background
A dinning room lit up with a Brisbane chandelier at night
Luxe Industrial

Nostalgic and full of character, Luxe Industrial takes inspiration from old factories and warehouses. Weathered and patina finishes adorn fixtures fit for a factory floor. The Harvan™ collection provides a refined, sophisticated look with the black finish, while the ribbed glass brings the luxe charm.

A modern bathroom with a Harvan vanity light installed on a grey brick textured wall above a mirror in the daytime with the lights turned on
Detailed zoomed in photo of a Harvan Menillo vanity light above a mirror

Surprisingly, the most resounding upcoming décor trend will not be any of the above. The trend that will outshine all others is personalization. Putting your spin on any style makes it truly unique, and this year, more than any other, people are looking to make their home a place that reflects their family, their look, and their life.

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