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February 3, 2020

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Soft Contemporary

Living room lit with Jolana pendants installed to light the artwork on the back wall and Shima pendants to light a reading nook at night with the lights turned on
Welcome Home with Soft Contemporary

Inviting and warm, the Soft Contemporary look is welcoming people home with neutral colors and soft edges. The style encompasses a range of styles from the latter half of the 20th century, culminating in a familiar, comfortable and stylish space.

Style Characteristics

Neutral Colors

Brown, taupe, cream, and pure white set the tone with pops of bold color found on accent walls and decorative accessories. The Laurent Collection has bi-level shades in white that complement the neutral palette of a Soft Contemporary space. 

Detail shot of a 6 light Laurent chandelier with a gold finish and white marble detail
Dinning room with neutral blue paint wall lit with a 6 light shaded Laurent chandelier with a gold finish in the day
Contemporary, But More Livable.

Achieve the soft contemporary look with furniture that has clean lines and rounded edges, which makes a space more approachable and beautifully lived in. Try to incorporate soft wall colors and fabrics with pops of white and black. Shine a light on your décor with the cascading flow of the Shima™ Collection. The off-center look and metallic accents add a charming touch to your Soft Contemporary space.  

Living room with Shima pendant shining in the center
Warms vs. Cools

Weave warm and cool colors together. Make darker furnishings stand out with neutral paint and light wood flooring. Incorporate a light fixture with a soft glow like the Marette ™ Collection. Its Black finish and frosted white glass make for the perfect combination of warm and cool colors. 

Jack and Jill style bathroom with two Ryame mirrors lit above with Marette vanity lights in the daytime
Detail shot of a Ryame mirror with a Marette vanity light above both turned on in the daytime
Simple Fabrics

Thick fabrics like wool, linen, and cotton are used in mostly neutral colors and can be weaved into a room as accent pillows, throw rugs, and blankets. They add soft touches and a comfortable feeling to a space. The fabric in the Jolana™ Collection is no exception. The subtle shade contrasted with the rounded metal makes this the perfect Soft Contemporary collection. 

A living room with framed artwork on a neutral grey painted wall lit with two Jolana pendants in the daytime

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