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      Scandinavian Style

      When it comes to design, you may think minimalism and coziness stand in stark opposition to each other, but Scandinavian style would beg to differ. Scandinavian design perfectly blends the ideas of hygge and harmony with clean, minimalist elements. Here are the staples that make this style so inviting.


      Keep the focus minimal

      Typically set against a white background, the décor and accents in this style are few, but the ones that do exist are intentional and purposeful. For example, in Scandinavian style, there is typically little in the way of window dressing to allow natural light to flood the space. When natural light isn’t an option, opt for a white or neutral light fixture like the Danika pendant, that lets light shine with clean, simple lines. If you like to liven up with accents, make sure they’re inspired by nature, like our Branches chandelier, as well as plants and rocks that bring the outdoors in. The furniture is simple as well, usually in a light wood or charcoal, completing a monochrome palette. Furniture, however, is one place where Scandinavian design differs from other minimal décor, as this style focuses on comfort. So it wouldn’t be out of place to see a deep, soft couch, a lush duvet complimenting a fabric headboard or lots of comfy pillows in a home with Scandinavian style.

      44091BK.jpg 43683WH-Danika-Living-1200x1200.jpg

      Invite the hygge in

      Hygge is a concept of comfort and coziness that generates a feeling of well-being and contentment, and it is what sets the Scandinavian design apart. In many ways, hygge is more than a feeling, it’s a lifestyle to be cultivated. Comfortable, inviting, clean and warm are some of the ways to describe design that invokes hygge. You can add a pop of a muted blush or blue to the neutral palette to create a sense of welcoming, while mixing textures like a faux fur blanket on a suede or leather couch can make things feel comfortable and warm.

      13-Living-Room-Kadas-Lifestyle-1200x1200.jpg 026-LivingRoom-Jace-Birkleigh-Branches-Lifestyle-1200x1200jpg.jpg

      Finishing materials

      While always inspired by nature, the materials in Scandinavian design can range from blonde and light wood to warm leather and charcoal or black metals. Often contrasted against each other, these finishes and materials are central to achieving this look. Our moonlit pendant with mini orbs is a great example of mixed materials. Its ambient glow is sure to add a charm to your Scandinavian style.  

      Kitchen-Jeno-83962MBK-Detail-Day-1B.jpg 83854MBKWH-NoCanopy.jpg

      If you’re looking to redecorate, Scandinavian design sensibilities can influence any decor style -- celebrating form, function and minimalism, a "less is more" approach to a space. The great thing about this simple look is that Scandinavian style elements can easily be infused into modern, mid-century or traditional décor if you aren’t yet ready for a full design overhaul.

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