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August 28, 2019

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Getting your Outdoor Space Party Ready

Carla Jordan

Sr. Level LinkedIn Strategist/Writer, Nationally-Published Journalist

Patio lit by Berryhill lanterns and a Kichler outdoor fan

Up and down the streets of every neighborhood, the summer entertaining scene is coming to an end. Now’s the time to take the party outside, before fall sweeps in.  Whether you’re planning a casual cook-out, an impromptu pool party or a swanky starry night soiree, here’s how to make your outdoor living space the life of the party this holiday weekend.

2 Canfield Outdoor Ceiling Fans hung over a covered outdoor patio area
a Beacon square 1-Light mounted on the outside of the house and a Canfield fan with light hung inside the house
Get Comfortable...Really Comfortable

We’ve all been to parties where there’s either no place to sit or you wind up perched on a cooler or in a rickety lawn chair.  A better solution? A gorgeous outdoor room like this, divided into two conversation zones, and with ample space for guests to mingle and move around.  In the lounge area, plush cushions and pillows transform wicker sofas and chairs into soft landing spots. Canfield Climates outdoor ceiling fans cast a gentle breeze downward while adding a tropical touch that stylistically syncs with the veranda’s most dominant architectural element—a West Indies-inspired coffered ceiling.  And then there’s the dining area. Positioned at the far end of the space, it draws attention out toward the gorgeous view. 

Comfort also applies to the well-being of your guests. Help everyone (and yourself) stay hydrated in the sun by making sure guests have water and snacks easily accessible. And wine is never a bad idea when it comes to outdoor parties. 

a platter of brie cheese and a jar of honey
an outdoor table set with a cheese and grape platter
Be Sensible, But Stylish

Instead of paper plates and foam cups, opt for chic acrylic wine classes. They’re stronger, reusable and available in lots of trendy colors, shapes, and sizes.

When planning the menu, invite your inner Martha Stewart to chill out. Pick recipes that are quick and simple to prepare, plus one wow element—like a show-stopper dessert. Set up self-serve food and beverage stations in a couple of areas of the yard. This will enable the party to run itself with periodic restocking, so can you relax and have fun, too.

2 Argyle pendants hanging over outdoor sink and Lyndon fan hanging in middle of the room
2 Argyle pendants hanging over outdoor sink at night
Make a Mood and Sync to it

If you have an outdoor kitchen, light it right for nighttime use. Outdoor LED pendant lights, like Argyle, add a rustic-chic touch while making food prep and cooking possible when the sun goes down.  Under counter lighting illuminates this stacked stone island dramatically while helping guests navigate through the space with ease.

Create a custom playlist and stream it through a portable Bluetooth® LED lantern anywhere in the yard.  For dinner beneath the stars, string music sets a classic tone.  Make a poolside splash with some upbeat Beach Boys tunes. For picnics and barbecues, go country.

Tips like these will make your yard the life of the party

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Carla Jordan

Sr. Level LinkedIn Strategist/Writer, Nationally-Published Journalist