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      Home spa for mother's day


      Mother's Day Home Spa

      The fact that mothers have only one day dedicated to them seems a bit inadequate. So why not help mom make the most of her day with a DIY spa. Let mom sit back, relax, and soak in the love. 

      Set the Stage

      First up, prepare for the perfect spa day by giving mom a super luxurious spa basket. Pack a beautiful basket full of her favorite relaxation essentials like bath soaks, a loofah, nail polish, and face masks. Maybe even throw some comfortable slippers for mom to use after the bath. 


      Rest and Relax

      Set the mood to let mom unwind. Use dimmable vanity lights like the Brettin Collection to keep the light low and the relaxation high. Then, with her spa basket in tow, mom is free to take a long bath or a relaxing shower.  Plus you have the added benefit of LED

      Rejuvenate and Invigorate

      Next up, help mom renew her energy with an invigorating spa station by the sink. With her mask on and her nails poised for polish, let bright vanity lights like the Pim™ Collection light the way to rejuvenation for mom. 

      Bathroom-Voclain-55044NI-Overall-Night-1B.jpg Bathroom-Voclain-55043BK-Overall-Day-1B.jpg

      Brighten Up

      If mom’s space needs an update, a quick way to change up decor without breaking the bank is a new lighting fixture. The Voclain Collection is a perfectly versatile way to brighten any space. 

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