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      Maximum style in a minimal style kitchen


      Maximizing your Minimalist Design

      Minimalism is both a decorating style and a way of life. And both of those interpretations have roots in one principle—functionality. Minimalist decorating breaks down a room into necessities. Everything must have a purpose. So, it’s easy to see why lighting is such an integral part of minimalist design. Below are three variations on minimalist lighting design, and how to create them in your home.  

      Scandinavian Minimal

      Rooted in white hues and functional furniture, Scandinavian Minimal design relies on clean lines and simple profiles to accent natural wood finishes. Butcher block counters in light woods and simple shelves in the same finish, accented with contrasting dishes, help to keep the lines sharp. 

      That’s what makes the sleek disk shape of the Jeno™ pendant the ideal minimalist pendant, perfect for above a kitchen island or over an eating area. The simple geometric overlay pattern of the Vega pendant, with functional etched glass, casts an ambient light that makes this the epitome of Scandinavian Minimalist lighting.

      Boho Minimal

      Think of Boho Minimal as a more textured, more natural spin on minimalism. Curved but still clean lines, warmer colors, and a nod to mid-century accents make this style feel a little cozier. For this style, we tone down the typical boho patterned rugs, bright colors, and wooden accents for a cleaner look. It's the best of both worlds: on-trend minimalism and funky boho elements. 

      A wooden chair with clean but curved lines adds boho to this minimal space. Opt for the rounded, architectural blades in a minimalist fan like the Jace to add a functional and architectural air to your space. Amp up the modern in this minimal look with Branches sconce. It’s clean and functional with a silhouette that nods to 60s decadence while remaining squarely in the minimal space.

      Modern Minimal

      Modern Minimalism is a take on minimalism that incorporates current shapes, colors, and textures. Tone-on-tone colors dominate the contemporary design, as well as precise geometry. Using tape & channel lighting in the kitchen gives this space an ultra modern minimal look, and allowed the designer to completely customize.

      The Soho rectangular pendant is clean enough to be minimal, but is textured and nuanced, which bring it into the contemporary minimal space. Pair this with geometric art, tonal color variations, and the basic function-oriented elements that define the minimalism movement.

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