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March 23, 2023

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Make the Most of Modern

Arcus 8 light chandelier hanging over a dining room table tucked in a nook.

What does ‘modern’ really mean anyway? In the style world, modern refers to a minimalist style that was popular in the early to mid-twentieth century. Modern, like most style trends, continues to evolve. Today, modern leans into the clean, mid-century influences to create a look that can seamlessly spill into other styles.

Modern Versatility

One thing about the modern style is that it’s versatile. Which is why our four new modern favorites are as flexible as they are functional. Adjust any of these fixtures to design with light and customize the effect you want in your space.

12 light Gala Chandelier hanging over the coffee table of a green modern styled living room
Detail shot of the 12 light Gala chandelier with a white finish


Combining form and function, each fixture within the Gala collection has adjustable arms. Essentially a functional sculpture, this piece has all the hallmarks of a modern fixture while commanding attention day or night in a home office, a bedroom or a modern dining room.

Detail shot of 6 light Phix Chandelier with white finish
Phix 6 light chandelier Mounted in modern living room


Featuring a classic mid-century silhouette, the Phix collection is a modern style you can truly customize through revolutionary pivoting shades. Perfect for a kitchen, dining space or as an accent in a living room, this fixture exudes mid-century luxury.

Petal Chandelier hanging over modern bedroom


The Petal collection marries the soft curves of nature with the high elegance of modern Art Deco design. Petal takes style to an unforgettable level in any dining room, living room or modern bedroom with its optional black and white interchangeable straps, so you can create a look that fits your space and style.

Arcus chandelier hanging over dining table tucked in a nook
Arcus chandelier detail shot


Like a leaf that rotates to find the sun, the Arcus chandelier takes the natural element of modern style and amps it up with rotating shades, long stems and soft curves. This collection is modern lighting that's at home in a reading nook, library or home office.

Elevated Style

This collection introduces a luxe, modern look into your home interior that is stunningly simple with its clean lines, soft curves and sophisticated geometric shapes. However you style your modern space, lighting is a simple but impactful way to show your true style.

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