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      Luxe Kitchens to Love

      There’s a lot to love about a luxe look. It sparkles with unique glass. It shines with high-end materials in a variety of finishes. And it offers a polished luxury feel that few other looks can give. A luxe kitchen can cook up images of timeless beauty and elegance. Here are a few hallmark traits of this cosmopolitan expression of style that can be incorporated into any kitchen design for a little (or a lot) of extra luxe. 

      Set the Tone with a Statement 

      Any space can be taken from drab to dazzling with just one or two well-placed statement pieces. Large print wallpaper, standout island chairs or a beautiful vase with stunning organic shapes can amp up the sparkle-factor. Try an intricate light like this Soho pendant from our élan collection to completely re-invigorate the look of any space.   

      Mixed Materials

      Whether it’s metal and wood, like these pendants from our Viho collection, or adding a lush, plush cushion to a stark metal chair, mixing prints, patterns, or finishes is a great way to go luxe. Look for materials or decor that is individual and imaginative. Daring color paletes, extreme-scale (go big or go home!) and attention to detail will help you keep the luxe look at the forefront. 

      The Bolder the Better

      When it comes to color, sometimes more can be more. A bright pop of green under an island, or a deep mauve for a comfy chair can add a lot of interest to a room. If you’re going for the luxe look, when in doubt, be bold. Just make sure to pair the bold with something simple like these Abbotswell pendants, to balance out the overall aesthetic. 

      The Design is in the Details

      Sometimes adding a small touch can change the feel of a space. Take under-cabinet lighting, or sleek channel lighting for instance. Without these lights a room could feel overly simple, or too busy depending on the décor, but add in sophisticated lighting to accent the spaces where you want people to focus, and you can change your perception. Light your open shelving, china cabinet, or even wine storage!

      Go for Gold

      There’s nothing more luxe than gold. Mix gold in different sheens to set statements sparkling. Or pair gold with a deeper color like black, for a more art deco version of Luxe. Our Kimrose chandelier has a stunning geometric shape that will add a touch retro to your kitchen lighting design.  

      Luxe is versatile enough to span décor styles and decades. It can be a style focus, or if can be a supplement to another style for a high-end twist. The luxe look is a statement style that will live on because the luxe look is as beautiful as it is timeless. 

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