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April 8, 2024

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Kichler For Your Whole Home

Living room lit with a Malene 8 light chandelier and a Carston sconce turned on during the day

Your home isn't complete without the right lighting, inside and out.

Every special moment that happens in your home deserves to be in the light. And not just any light, each space deserves the best light. A light that’s stylish, intentionally functional and stands the test of time. That’s why we make lights for every area of your home. Lights that create a cohesive look and a consistent glow. Here’s how your whole home can shine with Kichler.

Close up view of the Odensa 2 Light Wall Sconce in Nickel on a white background
Living room during the day with shelves featuring three carston picture lights shining down on collectibles and art.
Main Living Spaces

For areas like living rooms and family rooms, places where you spend much of your time, decorative fixtures not only light but also style. Looking into a living space, the first thing you might want to incorporate is a statement piece like the Livadia Chandelier. This unique and graceful piece provides your guests with a different perspective, no matter their location, while delivering a soft modern style to your décor.

The right lighting can help you create a feeling in a room like our dimmer enabled downlights that can provide an ambiance for everything from a celebration to a cozy movie night. You can also incorporate sconces to frame a mantle or work of art, the Odensa Wall Sconce acts as a style accent, while picture lights like the Carston Picture Light can highlight your most treasured possessions.

White and wood accented kitchen with black and gold finish Delarosa pendant lights above a large kitchen island

The main lights in your kitchen are downlights. They provide the most amount of light and are spaced throughout the ceiling so every corner of your space is lit. Typically, kitchens have a few recessed downlights on a dimmer, or can opt for flush mount ceiling lights if recessed lighting isn’t an option. Pendants are focus lights that combine form and function by setting a style tone for the room while shining a light on important tasks, like the Delarosa Pendant which can be paired or used in sets of three over an island. Additionally, undercabinet lighting, like tape lights, can shine a light on food prep while a light focused on the pantry keeps everything bright and easy to find.


It’s important for a bedroom to have both comfort and style, which is what makes an on-trend fan the perfect overhead option for a bedroom. The Salvo Ceiling Fan has stunning style, ambient light and makes cooling your space a breeze. Also, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Chandeliers in the bedroom are as popular as ever. And sconces that frame the bed like the Ali Wall Sconce are a beautiful alternative to bedside lamps.

Bedroom at night with Ali 6-light chandelier and Ali wall sconces in brushed natural brass, lights turned on
Bathroom looking into a doorway to a bedroom, warm cream and tan accents throughout featuring Shailene wall sconce above the vanity and chandelier in bedroom
Bathroom at nighttime featuring two Menillo mirrors with a lit Harvan sconce above each against a dark gray wall
Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

The first light you see in the morning and the last light you turn out before bed, our bath and vanity lights set the tone for a bright day and a warm and cozy night. All good bathrooms will need vanity lighting of some sort. The Shailene™ Vanity Light can be placed with the light shining up or down depending on your lighting needs. LED mirrors are also an option to illuminate the whole space, emitting even light all around you. With dimming and temperature control features available on some models, you can customize to create your best light with a mirror like the Menillo or Martell. The other lights you choose depend a little bit on your preference and a little bit on your space.

Craft and Activity Rooms

Crafting. For some, it’s a hobby, for others, it’s a lifestyle. Either way, one thing we can’t argue with is that a beautifully crafted room is essential for setting the stage for a great day of crafting. First thing’s first, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. So just any old light won’t do. When you’re working with intricate projects, you need good, quality light, (not to mention good airflow), to keep you in the zone. The Starkk Fan comes in multiple sizes and finishes, and keeps the air flowing smoothly. Used in combination with Downlights, this fixture is the perfect place to start when thinking about how to add some serious shine to your craft room.

Office scene at night with a Starkk ceiling fan and a couple ceiling mounted lights illuminating the room
Etcher pendant on dark background.
Home Office

Lighting has an impact on how we work. And there are few places where that’s more important than a home office, so when you think about what lighting works in your space, it’s important to consider what you need in addition to how it looks. Help add some cheer and a touch of character to your office space with a bright, shining statement light. Pieces like the Etcher Pendant will bring a rustic flair to your office space. Downlights are essential for most office spaces, and, when paired with a dimmer, can be great for always-on overhead lighting. Tape lights and channels help add beauty as well as function. Placed within shelves, these lights can help highlight books and décor, while adding a more modern look to a space. And fans like the Icon or Vinea are great ways to add style and comfort.


Looking at your home from the outside should instill a feeling of joy and pride. Elevate your exterior with lights that let you love what you see. A large, hanging fixture like the Toman Outdoor Hanging Light above your door will say ‘welcome’ even better than your clever welcome mat. And whether they’re out front or anchoring a back patio, post lights are a great way to shine some indirect light on your outdoor space. Don't forget to light up your walkways and outdoor entertainment areas with landscape lighting.

Entry way at night with sconces and path lights
Back patio at night featuring attached lights on the posts
Walkway with LED path light in textured black in front of ornamental grass landscaping

It’s important to consider all of your lighting and the full extent of your décor when you’re selecting a fixture. Coordinating throughout your home will bring a look of polish and class no matter your home style. We have the lighting to let your entire space shine and make each special moment even more beautiful.