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July 23, 2019

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Keep Your Cool All Summer Long

Carla Jordan

Sr. Level LinkedIn Strategist/Writer, Nationally-Published Journalist

60in Zeus Fan hung in bedroom over bed

Summer’s full-court press can take the bounce out of even the most ardent warm weather lover. A cool, breezy break is what we all need right now.  Flip on a ceiling fan, and you’ll discover one of the most energy-efficient ways to keep your cool and create a fresh design aesthetic, too. 

Although 87% of American homes have air conditioning, it makes sense to find ways to lean less on it. Air conditioning takes a big bite out of homeowner budgets with bills averaging $412 this time of year. While ceiling fans don’t lower the temperature of a room, they create a wind chill that makes you feel more relaxed and cooler. This enables thermostats to be set about 4 degrees higher without a reduction in comfort.  Ultimately using less electricity during the hotter months and potentially lowering your electricity bill.

Phree ceiling fan hanging in farm house living room
Another reason to join the fan club?  High style overhead.

This chic living room’s light color palette absorbs less heat than a darker one would. White blinds and sheer pink drapes do more than add trendy finishing touches to windows. When closed during the hottest time of day, they help the room stay cooler. The Phree LED ceiling fan adds a sleek, sculptural touch and soft ambient light that doesn’t require much energy.

Brushed Nickel Terna Ceiling Fan hanging in hallway
Keeping it breezy and stylish - all on one.

Hallways are often one of the stuffiest areas in any home because they’re such compact spaces. This makes it hard for air to circulate properly. With a small footprint of just under 11”, the Terna ceiling fan is a breezy problem solver with an industrial vibe.

2 50in Kyte fans hanging over 2 children's beds
Cooler Bedrooms = More Rest

The National Sleep Foundation recommends temps between 60-67 degrees for optimal sleep. While sunshine fills this beach house bedroom now, large plantation shutters can be closed to block the sun’s intensity and the temperature rises. White walls and ceiling work wonders to reflect heat. Overhead, the Kyte ceiling fan, with its unique two-blade design, gives the appearance of aerodynamic wind turbines in motion.

54in Lehr II Fan hanging over outdoor kitchen
Deliver Cool Breezes to your Outdoor Space

When high heat and humidity threaten to crash your outdoor bash, it’s time to take evasive action from all directions. In this sleek outdoor kitchen, wood plank ceramic tiles create bold geometric contrast while keeping feet cool. A pergola fashioned of rustic wood planks and strong iron beams creates shade and architectural interest when paired with the sleek Lehr II Climates outdoor ceiling fan in a distressed black finish.

Kichler fan attachment
Tech Savvy Ceiling Fan Solutions

The latest tech accessories put customization within reach of everyone from DIY’ers to professional installers.  The Bluetooth™ LED light kit lets you stream music through the speakers in the light kit, while the remote control enables fan speeds to be changed without reaching for a pull chain.

Today’s ceiling fans help transform spaces with beauty and comfort, especially during the summer when keeping cool isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

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Carla Jordan

Sr. Level LinkedIn Strategist/Writer, Nationally-Published Journalist