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      Home Tour with Tamara Day

      About the Designer
      Tamara Day is the host of HGTV’s Bargain Mansions and the owner of Growing Days Home. Tamara’s trademarked style, Laid Back Luxe, combines touches of glam with a cozy liveable vibe so your space is both beautiful and practical.

      I love the ambiance lighting brings to a space. I have spent a lot of time making sure the lighting in my home complements each room.

      Front Yard

      So, you all know I love lighting, and I don’t just love lighting inside. Exterior lighting is such a fun project to tackle because there are so many elements you have to think of when finding the perfect lighting to complement your exterior. My house is a traditional tutor style with a modern twist. I wanted the lighting to complement that. I usually love to mix and match light fixtures, but I love the way the Halleron Pendant and Sconces perfectly complement this arch and really feel like an extension of the interior of my home.

      Outdoor-Pendant-TamaraDay-600x600.jpg Outdoor-TamaraDay-HomeTour-600x600.jpg


      Our backyard is something we have put a lot of work into the past year. We have really made it a space where there is something for everyone. We installed a new outdoor kitchen, putting green, a slide and a trampoline. I went with the Pier sconce along the whole back exterior of the house because I wanted the space to feel really casual. I wanted the lighting to be subtle, and the color of the Pier Pendant matches the exterior of the house perfectly. I went with Cylinder Wall Lights to add up-down lighting under the deck to finish off the backyard. The Pier Sconces and Cylinder Wall Lights light up the entire backyard!

      Watch as Tamara tours you around the exterior of her home! 


      I love to cook, and my happy place in my home is my kitchen! It is so important to have great lighting in kitchens. I like to layer can lights and beautiful light fixtures to see exactly what I’m chopping and get all my measurements correct! Plus, the lighting highlights my collection of dishware on the open shelves. I added the Roux Pendant because it perfectly complements my vintage island. We originally had a big fireplace behind the kitchen table. When we did our big renovation, we removed it and installed beautiful windows. The Abbotswell Linear Chandelier over the dining table was the finishing touch to the space and perfectly complements the new black windows.

      Follow along as Tamara tours around her kitchen below. 

      Dining Room

       I have to admit we don’t use our dining room very often, but I love walking by the beautiful space. Plus, since we don’t use it very often, it always stays spotless! The Cleara Linear Chandelier over the dining table makes the space feel so elegant. My dining room is in the front of my house and I love pulling up at night and see the Cleara lit up. It complements the Halleron fixtures in my front entryway perfectly!

      DiningRoom-CloseUp-TamaraDay-600x600.jpg DiningRoom-TamaraDay-HomeTour-600x600.jpg


      Like everyone, our home office is being used now more than ever. We added a table in the center of the room to give us more space to work, and over the center table, I went with the Laurent Linear Chandelier. The Laurent gives off tons of light and makes the space feel super inviting. Since my whole family was spending more time at home we added another little nook to the office. I added some of my favorite sconces, The Ellerbeck. I love how the Ellerbeck makes the little nook look and feel like its own space.

      Office-Ellerbeck-TamaraDay-600x600.jpg LaundryRoom-TamaraDay-Nye-600x600.jpg

      Laundry Room

      With four kids, I spend way more time in this room than I’d like to admit. I wanted to make my laundry room somewhere that I didn’t mind being. I added this bright and cheery yellow wallpaper, lots of storage, and great lighting. I finished this room off with the Darton light fixture. I have the Darton throughout my house. I love that each fixture has three bulbs, so they give off so much light!

      Tour around Tamara's Home with the designer as a guide.

      Nora’s Room

      With three teenage boys, I went all out in my daughter, Elanore's room. I wanted it to feel like a little girl's dream room. I added textured wallpaper that reminds me of being underwater. To finish off her room, I knew I had to go with the super glam Arabella Chandelier. My favorite part of this fixture is it casts rainbows all across the room, and it really does feel like you are underwater!


      Thanks for following along as I show you the spaces that mean to most to our family. I loved designing these rooms and it was fun to show you around.

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