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December 18, 2019

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Holiday Lighting Effects

Two Delarosa pendants lighting a kitchen island
Set the mood to merry and bright. 

‘Tis the season for festive fêtes and sparkling soirées. And whether you’re thinking about what dishes to serve or the decorations that will deck your halls, don’t forget about the one simple element that will set the tone for any party--the lighting. With just the flick of a switch, you can amp up the mood from cozy to energized or take it down to a romantic glimmer. 

It couldn’t be simpler with these holiday party lighting effects.

Living room accented with lighting from a Colerne ceiling fan and an Armstrong wall sconce

Energetic Brilliance

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A full mug set on a table with other dishware

Natural Radiance

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Overhead view of a burning candle in a glass holder

Romantic Glow

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Romantic Glow

Have you ever walked into a dimly lit party and felt the warm, cozy glow of low light and ambient glimmers? That’s the Romantic Glow effect. An effect that can only be achieved with light. It feels like candlelight and sets the tone for a relaxed, dreamy gathering. Give your next party a glimmer of glow with dimmed chandeliers and warm, muted light (approximately 2700 Kelvin). Add a lantern by the fireplace or a few simple down-facing overhead fixtures, accompanied by two or three smaller wall or ceiling lights for the perfect low-glow effect.

Two Palisades pendant lights hanging over a warmly lit dining room table

These pendants let just the right amount of light shine through for a soft, dimly-lit look.

Natural Radiance

Make your guests feel welcome and at home with the Natural Radiance effect. It sets the perfect mood for a fun family gathering or neighborhood holiday potluck. Mimicking the feel of open windows and natural light, the Natural Radiance effect creates the impression of a happy, sunny day. Simply add a touch of lighting under shelves and along walls with neutral white light (approximately 3000 Kelvin) to create a vibrancy that truly shines.  

Kitchen setting, centered on the stovetop, with a Harmony wall sconce lighting the wall

The exposed bulbs and clear glass of the Harmony Collection bathe the space in natural-looking light for a sunny, happy disposition.

Energetic Brilliance

This is your stellar, holiday cheer, bright sparkling party light. This effect seems to shimmer off every surface and illuminates your space with glittery brilliance. To flood your space with light, direct fixtures both down and diagonally and let bulbs shine through when possible. Crisp, cool light (approximately 3000 Kelvin), is perfect for adding brightness that lets your holiday cheer sparkle. 

Kitchen island lit with three Harmony hangling lights and a wall sconce

The Holbrook and Harmony Collections spark the right light for an energetic party and a brilliant look.

No matter what mood you’re looking to set, a few simple lighting changes can brighten up your holiday celebration.

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