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      Design Report: IBS 2020, The Handmade Home

      Last month The Handmade Home visited the Kichler booth at the International Builder Show in Las Vegas, NV, and discussed "How Lighting Inspires Room Design". 

      A good light fixture has always been king. As designers, Ashley and Jamin aka The Handmade Home, pull inspiration from a ton of places, and love using good lighting as a pivotal moment in their creations. Proper lighting can both finish off a space and inspire an entire room design. The duo adores the way they can both work hand in hand. Your own home is one thing. Helping clients see that is quite another. Sometimes, people choose to fixate on one element in their renovation. A lot of times, that fixation is a light fixture. Suddenly, it's not what they expected, or they're unsure.  Cold feet when it comes to lighting, is a real thing. In reality, it's one of the key elements that bring a space together, and it's our job as designers to help them realize how important that can be. 

      Read on and discover the lighting tips directly from the designers, and catch some of their favorite tricks and tips from IBS. 

      What home trends do you see for 2020?

      We're seeing larger-scale fixtures, fun geometric shapes, and a variety of materials when it comes to lighting in 2020. 

      What design styles are your clients asking for in 2020?

      Our clients are open to styles, as long as the design pulls in the look in a great, cohesive way. Since we live in Nashville, it ranges from classic to rustic to glamorous, and a little bit of everything else in between. We love expressing our client's personalities in fun ways with beautiful lighting.

      Which colors and finishes are the most popular with your clients' upcoming projects?

      We're seeing an upward swing in brass, but a well-placed chrome is forever classic in our books. We're also seeing that they love unexpected finishes like woven or beaded when applied in a great way to lighting.

      What types of styles and spaces are you working on for clients next year?

      A little bit of everything. What we love about our client base is that they enjoy a wide range of tastes and ideas, and we adore a challenge. We can't wait to see what all this next year brings.

      What new Kichler product are you most excited about incorporating into a future project?

      We are obsessed with the Tollis, and we have a great kitchen design coming your way soon with a fun installation- but we can't wait to use the new barn light feature from your site to create some awesome made to order custom pieces!

      What did you learn at IBS?

      It was a lot to take in at once! We loved all the fabulous new designs and products. The booths were so inspiring with possibilities for great design - we felt like sponges absorbing it all. 

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