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      Gold Finishes

      When you’re going for gold (finishes that is) nothing shines quite as bright as a gold-tone. Gold accents can be the spark that takes spaces from fine to fabulous. Anything but traditional, gold is a staple of almost every décor style. So, no matter what your home looks like, you can add a pop of shine. 

      Gold Finishes by Style

      Art Deco

      The main feature of Art Deco style is gold, so you can’t go wrong when choosing this color for an Art Deco space. Brushed natural brass is the perfect toned-back tint to use as an accessory accent. Pair gold finishes with black for a glam glow. 


      For a more Industrial look, pair brushed gold or brass with black or white. Or, to get even more of a factory charm, try a warm gold with polished nickel in a dining room or living space. 

      Mid-Century Modern

      This style is where bright, champagne-colored gold really shines. It’s perfect for chandeliers or sconces, or in more subtle spots such as table legs or bathroom fixtures. Use it as a focal piece while pairing with natural brass accents for a thoroughly mod style. 

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      5 Favorite Gold Finishes

      Whichever style you choose, we have five fabulous finishes that will win you the style gold every time. 

      Brushed Natural Bronze

      This versatile, subtle gold color is just the right finish for a home of any style. It’s brushed so it isn’t as shiny, which means it can be used in multiple places without overpowering.

      Classic Gold

      This is what you think of when you think gold. It’s perfect for a statement piece or subtle accents to really let your style shine. 

      Natural Brass

      This is a more toned-down gold. Natural brass is a stunning way to let your style shine through without the color overpowering the rest of your décor. 

      Classic Bronze

      Classic bronze is just that, a classic. A timeless gold that fits nearly any décor, this shining stunner is a finish that always fits. 

      Fox Gold

      A matte, warm gold, this finish is perfect for sconces and chandeliers alike.  

      However you use gold; as an accent, a statement or a style staple, it’s a finish that’s as in-style now as it ever has been. It’s timeless and classic, yet can stand out in a room, drawing attention to creative touches and delicate details. 

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