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September 20, 2021

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Get the Global Look

Plant sitting on a window sill

Have you ever wanted to bring a part of your global travels home with you? We have too. Which is what makes global style so perfect. Global lets you take an exotic approach to decor, starting with what you love and building upon it to capture a style that’s uniquely yours.

While global style can mean many different things to everyone, there are a few things that universally signal that a look is global.

Natural Materials

Most styles feature an element of natural surroundings. That can mean incorporating hardwoods that are native to a specific region like bamboo, rattan or birch. This can come in the form of furniture, flooring or even lighting. With rattan, a natural palm finish, and a classic crisscross design, the Oana™ collection brings a natural element and plenty of bright light to a global design.

Den with high ceiling lit with a Ellerbeck sconces, channel lighting and a Mathias chandelier in the center
Close-up of an Oana chandelier
Mixing it Up

For a truly global style, it’s important to mix it up. When going for global, you can mix colors, prints or materials, which will add to the natural feel of this style. Color-wise, you can mix pastels with natural colors. Or you can mix prints like large geometric shapes with smaller more intricate patterns. For a more subtle look, you can mix materials, like the crystal beads and textured black finishes of the Alexia chandelier, which is a bright choice.

Close up of a black finish Alexia chandelier
Bathroom with a Brianne wall sconce above the mirror
Casually Distressed

Many elements of global style have a worldly influence of historic architecture found around the globe. Often this means the look is a little bit distressed and a little bit casual. This look can be based around anything from distressed moroccan tiles, to woven tapestries, or even the distressed white beads set against the black metal finish of the Brisbane collection.

Dining room with a Brisbane chandelier above the table
Bar with three Zailey pendants lighting the island
Start Somewhere

When you’re looking to add a global feel to your home, it always helps to start somewhere meaningful. Do you have a silk scarf from a safari in Africa? Then décor inspired by a specific region in Africa may help round out your style. Or if you loved your last trip to Japan, add some elements from the style that you saw while you were there to bring some of the experience home with you. Display heirloom items found in travels and celebrate these pieces as you curate a global style that reflects your story

Pillows and a blanket on a couch surrounded by plants
A pitcher and cup on a woven basket

It’s hard to go wrong with a global look. Just use what you love, and take it from there.

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