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      Design Styles Making a Statement in 2022

      2022 interior design trends are all about comfort and luxury at home. The perfect balance of all things color, furniture, and design style come together to create a space that is specially created for you. Spending quality time in quality spaces is what 2022 is all about. Check out some of the styles on the rise this year and consider how you might be able to create your perfect mix.

      Japanese Influence

      Light wood and natural elements can set the tone for zen-living. Japanese influence in design is a focused minimalism featuring an abundance of natural materials that has a goal of achieving balance and order. Grays and light woods are sourced from nature and combined with green plants and colorful flowers for a beautiful and inspired design.

      Kitchen-Jeno-83962MBK-Overall-Day-1B.jpg Office-Sylvia-52174WH-Overall-Day-2B.jpg

      Minimalism is Here to Stay 

      The trend of minimalism isn’t going away. In fact, decluttering our home in a way that’s both functional and stylish is perhaps more important now than ever. Crisp lines on a white background and light woods give a refined look to almost any space.

      Office-Alkire-44085BK-Overall-Day-1B.jpg Living-Room-DTC-DLGM06R2790WHT-Overall-Night-A2.jpg

      Sustainably Stunning

      Creating a home that is not only inspired by nature, but with natural, organic materials sourced sustainably, is a trend that is shaping how our homes are built and decorated. Reclaimed wood, glass panels for walls or windows and furniture sourced second-hand lend an environmental spin to existing design style trends.

      Living-Room-Imari-300365SBK-360002SBK-Mid-Day-1200x1200.jpg LivingRoom-Kimrose-52415BNB-Overall-Night-1B.jpg

      Multi-Functional, Multi-Stylish

      A hallway nook that doubles as an office, a living room that serves as a dining space and a closet that plays host to a podcast recording studio are all examples of multi-use spaces that are taking over our homes. Born out of necessity in 2020, these spaces that serve more than one purpose will become a staple in homes for years to come.

      Kitchen-Eastmont-52404PN-52402PN-Mid-Day-1B.jpg 06-Office-Starkk-Lifestyle1200x1200.jpg

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