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      Craft room lighting

      Crafting the Perfect Craft Room

      Crafting. For some, it’s a hobby; for others, it’s a lifestyle. Either way, one thing we can’t argue with is that a beautifully crafted room is essential for setting the stage for a great day of crafting. When it comes to setting aside space for a craft room, the options are as limitless as the projects you can create. A spare room, a portion of a finished basement, or even a converted closet can serve as a perfect space to make, design, draw, sew, model, or whatever other crafty adventures you undertake. 

      Light it Up

      First thing’s first, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. So just any old light won’t do. When you’re working with intricate projects, you need good, quality light, (not to mention good airflow), to keep you in the zone.

      The Starkk ceiling fan comes in multiple sizes and finishes, provides an ambient glow of light and keeps the air flowing smoothly. Used in combination with downlights, this fixture is the perfect place to start when thinking about how to add some serious shine to your craft room. 

      And don’t forget to include task lighting, which helps directs light to a specific area of your craft room, such as a workstation. Try tape lighting or even pendants that provide directional light. 


      One thing is for sure when it comes to crafting, no matter what you make, there is a LOT of stuff. Things. Get. Everywhere. So, it’s essential to find creative ways to stow your supplies. Get creative with wall space. Hanging smaller items like pencils and scissors on a bulletin board saves your crucial desk space for creating. And drawer organizers are vital to making sure all your craft room drawers don’t turn into junk drawers. Want to make sure you see all your supplies during those late night crafting sessions? Consider lining the sides of the drawers with LED tape and channels

      To Sit or to Stand

      Crafting takes many forms, so make sure you determine what’s best for you. If you’re going to be standing and moving around, a taller drafting table is ideal. If you like to sit while you craft, make sure your table is the right height and that your chair is beyond comfortable. Nothing cuts a crafting session short like a sore back!   

      Crafting in Action

      We love the effortlessly efficient way @dawnnicoleco designed her craft room. Look and see for yourself how creative a craft room can be. 


      Ready to find for the perfect craft room fixture?

      Chandeliers, tape lighting and ceiling fans are all great choices. Start shopping now. 

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