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March 8, 2022

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Getting to Know Cottagecore

breakfast nook lit with a Melis chandelier and Ellerbeck wall sconces

Picture yourself in a cozy cabin in the countryside somewhere in the rolling hills of the Midwest. Sun-faded wood gives off a faint glimmer while homemade curtains blow in the wind. Antiques and plants line light wooden shelves while floral-patterned wallpaper sits behind an old sewing machine. This is cottagecore.

daytime porch setting featuring Freesia chandelier above a dining table

Beloved for its feeling of escape, cottagecore transports you to another time, with equal parts rural lifestyle and Edwardian romance. Inspired by a more simple life, this style rose in popularity as more people began to work and school at home. Incorporating the ideas of sustainability and comfort, cottagecore is reminiscent of a time where baking, sewing, gardening and providing for ourselves and our community were central to the way we lived.

The best part? Getting the look in your own space is as simple as the lifestyle that inspired it.

Find Vintage Pieces

Antiquing, estate sales and vintage shops are great places to find ‘found’ objects. Everyday nicknacks, both useful and decorative, can add a touch of authenticity to your style. Clear out an intentional shelf for your found treasures or place them artfully throughout your space for an authentic aesthetic.

Bookshelf arranged with various books, vases, bowls, etc
Two Dame pendants lighting a butler pantry
Old World Silhouettes

Cottagecore takes note of the intricate, hand-carved woodwork that adorns older homes. Exposed beams and sprawling decorative arches create a stunning sightline that frames built in corner cabinets and shelves. Beadboard and batten wall details and moulding add a touch of romantic charm.


Adding to the whimsy is an emphasis on floral patterns. Whether intricate or ornate, a floral wallpaper, bedspread or tablecloth adds an element of the outdoors to this cozy style. Cultivating a simple or ornate arrangement sparks joy and brings instant personality to a space

Close-up of a plant with small pink flowers
Close-up of a Melis chandelier
Mixing Old and New

Not everything in this look has to from another era. Mixing old or antique items, like dining chairs or an old kitchen table, with new finishes and styles can be a great way to bring this classic look into a more current space.

Natural Elements

Derived from simpler times when homemade and handcrafted were just how things were done, nature plays a big role in cottagecore. Natural materials abound like wood, jute and wicker, in neutral tones that let the inherent character shine through.

However you cultivate the cottagecore look, adding touches of authenticity, nature and romance can help you create a cozy, comfortable, beautiful home.

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