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      Coastal Charm

      The idea of a life by the sea has a dreamy charm. The billowing breeze, the salty sea air. It’s inviting and idyllic. But while not all of us can live in a seaside getaway, here are some ways to bring the comfort of Coastal into your home no matter where you live. 

      The Right Light

      The easiest way to add the Coastal style to your space is with a change in lighting. There’s an aspect that’s unique to Coastal style in that lights are inherent in the style itself. Without Coastal-inspired lights, the look just isn’t quite right. 

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      Nautical pendant lights made of ropes and sea glass can add a coastal feel to any room, such as the dining area or over a kitchen island. Nautical pendants that mimic a ship’s light are a great way to add modern touches to the typically traditional look. 


      Seashell chandeliers can provide a whimsical yet elegant touch to a bedroom or bathroom. Chandeliers with bottle-like glass have the feel of sea glass and shine in stunning ways.  


      Landscape lighting fixtures with a patina finish or nautical-inspired shapes can offer an elegant look to walkways or gardens. They light up an outdoor space with charm and highlight landscaping and accents in a way that lets you enjoy your outdoor space well into the night.

      Ceiling Fan

      Feeling a warm breeze is one of the sensorial experiences of Coastal living. Coastal ceiling fans have both the feeling and the style to put you in an East Coast frame of mind.

      Accessible Accents
      LaundryRoom-Kona-Cay-38226-Detail-2.jpg Kitchen-Ellerbeck-43115BK-Detail-2.jpeg DiningRoom-Minnow-82288-Detail-2-1200x1200.jpg
      Coastal Color

      Creams, browns and blues are a Coastal color dream-come-true. Even though Coastal is often associated with white, these more muted colors give your home a subtle nod to the style. When it comes to complementary hues, adding nature-inspired colors like oceanic blues and sandy tans or accenting stormy gray with natural linen add color with a purpose. 


      Light and breezy fabrics in warm, neutral tones amp up the cozy feel of Coastal charm. Billowy curtains are a great way to let in natural light and blur the lines between outdoors and in.

      Natural Materials

      Rope, rattan, and wood bring warmth to any home, especially homes with a Coastal flair. Kick Coastal up a notch with open wood shelving in the kitchen and exposed beams on the ceiling.

      Coastal cool is a style that’s perfectly suited for homes where you want to feel both stylish and comfortable. Channeling seaside living can bring a calm energy to homes no matter where they are.

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