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      Chic Retreats for Kids

      September 12, 2019
      By Carla Jordan

      A new school year is here. Time for a fresh start not only in the classroom but at home, too.

      Want to send your child’s room to the head of the class in style?  Tap into design trends for grown-ups and give them some kid spin for creative-chic spaces that make the grade, especially when it comes to lighting. See how four designers applied different trends to create chic retreats for their kids. 

      1. Jessica Sara Morris 
      To transform their young sons’ bedroom into a couture campsite, DIYer’s Jessica Sara and Glen went bold and graphic with a color palette in black, white and natural wood tones. A mural of mountains shapes the view from within in the style of Ansel Adams, the 20th century’s most iconic photographer. Bunk beds outfitted in trendy geometric print linens and a faux animal skin rug adds shape and a soft landing spot for play. Above it all is something unexpected—a mid-century modern pendant light made of distressed black iron and curved natural maple wood panels.


      2. Sami Riccioli
      Wanting to create something out of the ordinary for her son’s room, designer Sami Riccioli went with a fun, tropical, safari theme. To kick the look into gear, Riccioli selected removable tropical pattern wallpaper, a palm leaf picture and a wicker children’s table and chair. Sprinkled throughout the room are tropical touches such as the deep yellow comforter and name sign, multi-colored rug, white furniture and natural brass touches such as the nightstand lamp and the Armstrong 8-light chandelier 
      3. Ashley and Jamin Mills
      For their teen son’s bedroom, Nashville homeowners Ashley and Jamin opted for a preppy vintage vibe with modern undertones. To kick the look into gear, they created a graphic plaid wall with paint, FrogTape® and lots of patience; then topped it with an art print of an iconic woody station wagon. There’s a record cabinet that belonged to Ashley’s grandmother, an old oak desk chair which the couple restored. Sprinkled throughout are contemporary touches like the panel bed, campaign desk, brass accent nightstands and the Cahoon pendant light.
      4. Tiffany Gowler
      Designer Tiffany Gowler selected a mixture of neutral and bold colors as her inspiration when designing her daughter’s new bedroom.  Soft, but chic, Gowler created a perfect room for both playing and reading. Using a teal-floral wallpaper to frame the bed, and white paint on the remaining walls and trim for a clean and simple look. To bring it all together, Gowler weaved in soft greys and pinks with drapes, dresser, and floral-wood name plaque. Gowler also created an adorable reading nook that included a desk, fox beanbag chair, and a Circolo mini chandelier to help illuminate.


      Decorating is such a popular topic, both on tv and online and today’s kids are more style-conscious than most of us were at their age.  Stylish spaces like these feed creativity and teach kids the fundamentals of design in relatable ways. As the new school year begins, make a fresh start at home, too. Add a touch of chic to your kid’s retreat.



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