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      Living Room Ceiling Fan Rise 300370NI


      Ceiling Fans to Fit Your Style

      When you think of a ceiling fan, you may think that function is more important than form. But you don’t have to sacrifice style if you want to feel the breeze. Your ceiling fans can not only compliment your room, but they can also enhance it. Read on to find out how fans and style go hand-in-hand.

      Soaring Styles

      Art Deco
      Bedroom-Icon-300395SBK-Detail-square-1080x1080.jpg LivingRoom-Vinea-300345BNB-Overall-Day-1B.jpg Office-Brahm-300048NBR-Detail-Day-1080x1080.jpg

      Born out of a strong desire to shed the past and embrace all things futuristic, Art Deco is decadent and detailed. That's why our new Icon, Vinea and Brahm fan collections feature the beloved stacked shapes iconic to Art Deco style, so they can do more than just elevate your space, they transform it.

      300415CHZ-Sunroom-Humble-Overall-Day-1B-PDPPrimary-WideRoom-LgLeft-1080x1080.jpg LivingRoom-Gentry-300265WZC-Overall-Alt-Day-2B-1080x1080.jpg

      Cottagecore is a dreamy mix of romance and rustic. It’s inspired by a simple way of living, and the Humble fan is no exception. With blade irons reminiscent of organic scrollwork and wire frame details, Humble allows you to relax comfortably and enjoy the simple touches, and style, of home. With the classic form of a historic farm windmill, the Gentry collection compliments vintage farmhouse style for an undeniably Homestead look.

      Luxe Traditional
      Bedroom-Icon-300395SBK-Overall-Night.jpg 300325OZ-Walnut-Light.jpg

      There’s a lot to love about a luxe look. It sparkles with unique glass. It shines with high-end materials in a variety of finishes. And it offers a tranquil polished luxury feel that few other looks can give, which is why our Icon and Crescent fans effortlessly blend the old with the new. Putting a twist on traditional, this fan family is destined to be the center of attention

      Modern Industrial
      LivingRoom-Salvo-330045SBK-Overall-Day-fanoff.jpg 330057BSS-LivingRoom-Guardian-Overall-Detail-2B-PDPPrimary-CloseCrop-StackedTop-1080x1080.jpg

      Thinner metalwork and reclaimed materials give an industrial look a modern spin. It drips with delicate details that give it a refined edge, like in our new Salvo and Guardian fan families. Reminiscent of a look you might see in a factory, these fans have a timeless twist that will elevate the look of any space.

      Porch-Nani-310095SNB-Overall-Day-AllOn-1B.jpg 300415AVI-Sunroom-Humble-Detail-Detail-2B-PDPPrimary-CloseCrop-StackedTop-1080x1080.jpg

      Tropicalo-inspired style roars into the homes with a variety of natural elements like live plants and shapes inspired by nature. Global prints paired with bamboo, rattan and jute keep the adventurous feeling alive. Beech and teak finishes are the perfect touches to round out this lively look.

      Modern Minimal
      330130NBR-Den-Almere-Overall-Day-AllOn-1B-PDPPrimary-WideRoom-LgLeft-1080x1080.jpg OutdoorDining-Breda-310275SNB-Overall-Day-AllOn-1B-1080x1080.jpg

      The rise of modern design and minimalism has not just taken hold within the younger generations of new home buyers and college students, but also in older adults, wanting to update their home to declutter and simplify the look of each room. Think simple and unadorned decor that serves a purpose in your everyday life. When it comes to modern minimal style in ceiling fans, there are several options available that combine sleek design with functionality

      Accent with Accessories

      Living-Salvo-330045SBK-Grabs-10554.jpg Living Room-Rise-300370NI-Lifestyle-Day-3947.jpg Sunroom-Huddle-300415AVI-Grabs-Day_9872.jpg

      Many fans come with the option to purchase a control that makes it more convenient to change the speed and sometimes even the direction of the fan blade rotation as well as adjust the light levels. No more standing on a stool to change how your fan operates; these controls keep it simple and stylish.

      Mounting Accessories

      There are different accessories to help you mount your fan depending on your space and style. From a flush mount kit to a downrod, whatever your ceiling angle or height, these accessories make installation a breeze.

      Light Kits

      Sometimes you want your fan to shine some light on your space as well. In that case, a light kit or light replacement kit can add lights to your fan, or change the look of the lights you currently have. Either way, they can help you light up and cool down at the same time.

      Learn more about ceiling fan accessories here.

      Complete the Look

      Once you have your fan style selected, make your room shine with sconces, downlights, and pendants that complement and complete almost any space, including any outdoor living area.

      Exterior_ScreenPorch-Cabot-330165MWH-Detail-Day-square.jpg LivingRoom-Brahm-300044NBR-Overall-Night-1B.jpg


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