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August 22, 2022

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Beyond Traditional

Dining room with Adeena 52510BNB 8-light chandelier

The definition of traditional is something that is long-established. Updated traditional style, however, is a little different. Rather than meaning old or storied, updated traditional style equals a timeless look. Another defining characteristic of updated traditional is a comfortable space that’s well put together and welcoming. But don’t mistake this stunning style for a snooze, a traditional home is beautiful, elegant and always in style.

What makes traditional even more of a standout style is the flexibility of this look. With the smallest flourish, a traditional home can act as a canvas to add elements of other styles while staying true to the timeless look. There are some style twists on traditional offer the a more casual aesthetic to the more ornate traditional style.

Updated Traditional

Traditional is timeless. Adding a modern touch can update this lasting look with current trends. Updated traditional is a blend of the old and the new and brings out the best of each. Adding clean lines like that of the Ali collection keeps this look modern and adds a striking contrast to ornate molding or rounded arches.

Bedroom at night with Ali 6-light chandelier and Ali wall sconces in brushed natural brass, lights turned on
Living room with Kadas 8-light chandelier in polished nickel over fireplace.
A Luxe Look

This look can be woven into a traditional setting with small statements of glamor and class. Pops of color like bold pillows or a geometric rug add an element of luxe to a traditional home. Accents of brass and black with clean lines like those in our Florence or Luella collection can give your room a luxe touch.

Dining room and kitchen in daytime with Florence 6-light chandelier in brushed natural brass.
Luella ceiling light in black.

Updated/Luxe traditional differs from a traditional style by adding in more airy neutral color palettes and touches of modern decor, there are some other styles that are adjacent to the style as well. These other styles can seamlessly be incorporated into a traditional style home with a couple of small additions. Learn more about how you can blend these styles into your traditional space.

Farmhouse Inspiration

Adding romance and simplicity to traditional style can bring an otherworldly look into your space. Picture open windows with flowing curtains, delicate flower patterns and Edwardian furniture. Just a touch of these accents can create a beautiful accent in any traditional home.

Greenery with purple and white flowers
Add a Vintage Touch

Let the past into the present with vintage elements in your traditional space like Edison bulbs and brass finishes. Consider adding heirloom pieces to the space, perhaps passed down from previous generations. Mixing and matching styles is key to the vintage look, so take a little inspiration from everywhere for a perfectly imperfect space.

The traditional style appeals to the mainstream and is functional, but that doesn't mean the style is contained. Whether it's granny chic or the standard transitional, put your own twist on the traditional with influences from other styles that inspire you.

Close up of a white dome pendant lamp
Looking to incorporate traditional style into your own home?

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