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      70s Glam and 70s lighting fixtures

      70's Glam Style

      Glitz, glimmer, and gold define the 70’s Glam style. Glam does not, however, have to be full of drama or make a loud scene. It has a sensibility and flexibility that can make it more gracious or more grandiose—without being overpowering. And there are many ways to bring this look into your home, so you can decide how Glam you want to go. 

      A Glimmer of Glam

      If full-on retro isn’t your style, or you’re just looking to add a touch of glam to your existing décor, start by adding interest with accents. Vintage movie posters or bejeweled mirrors are a great way to add just a touch of drama to any style. Take the Pim Collection for example. Inspired by the squat shapes of mid-century lighting, the Pim Collection has a softness that reigns in the drama with a rounded shape and simple clean lines. This collection is the perfect way to bring the nostalgia of the 70s up to date in a thoroughly modern way. 

      A Little Bit Extravagant 

      Glam gives you free rein to get as luxe as you like. Lush velvet. Opulent trim. Faux fur. Satin. And hey, who said you can’t have a chandelier in every room? The trick is achieving your unique balance of understated and overstated to make the most sublime statement. That’s where the Kadas Collection comes in. With a nod towards 1920’s art-deco along with the soft glam of the 1970s, Kadas’s gentle swooping arms and interchangeable candle sleeves are a fresh take on soft modern design. Equally at home in a soft contemporary kitchen or a lux updated traditional dining-room. 

      High Drama 

      Of course, sometimes it’s best to go all in. If that’s your style, then just make sure you commit to the cause. The Alexia Collection can certainly help. It’s a lively update to the classic chandelier. There’s a sparkle of the unexpected, with mixed finishes and textures that tie the look together. The mixed-media approach makes Alexia pieces the perfect addition to modern spaces, offing gusto and glam for truly inspired style.

      No matter what glam means to you, there’s a way to incorporate it into your space so you can amp it up or dim it down however you want. 

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