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December 4, 2023

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5 Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

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A beautiful home for the holidays is a gift many homeowners give to themselves and their loved ones. But knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming and lead to a look that’s more cluttered than festive. Here are five tips to help you get your home ready so the holidays can be relaxed, fun and full of cheer.

Close up of a candle and plant on a coffee table
Close up of a moorgate chandelier in black finish above a rustic dining table
Declutter and Clean

Decluttering can be overwhelming itself, so start small. Target one room and set a timer. Once the timer goes off, move on. It’s also important to make sure you’re not just moving clutter from one room to another. As the old saying goes ‘don’t put it down, put it away.’ Make sure everything goes where it should, and if it doesn’t have a home, consider whether it’s necessary. After you declutter, give your home a deep clean. A blank canvas is the best base to build upon, so don’t forget hard-to-reach places like fans or blinds that collect dust and can take the eye away from your décor. Get tips on how to clean your fans/fixtures here

Living room during the day with holiday decor including a Christmas tree and wreath over a lit fireplace
Detail image of a dining room with a full setting and a white and brown dog peaking out from under the table
Choose a theme

As with many holiday chores these days, when it comes to decorating, the internet can be your best friend. Search for themes and choose decorations that fit within that theme. Not enough time to scour the search results? Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Winter Forest

    • Accessorize with mini pine trees, deer, and fir garland. This gives a cozy, cabin-in-the-woods feel for a warm and inviting holiday.

  • Glam and Gorgeous

    • This décor scheme is all about the sparkle. Bright shimmers, silver and gold, and holiday accessories in bold colors give an air of glitz and glamor.

  • Thriving Throwback

    • Pick an era and go for it. Whether you’re going for the Art Deco or the roaring 20s, the bold minimalism of Mid-Century or the colorful excess of the 80s, a house decorated in a throwback style can be fun, creative, and a great conversation starter at your holiday party.

  • Rock’n Around

    • A rock n’ roll holiday is a great way to sidestep tradition while having a little fun. Black and white can replace wintery colors with splashes of gold for accents.

  • Farmhouse Fashion

    • Bring country charm to your holiday home with farmhouse decorations and ornaments that are brimming with classic hues and rustic plaids. 

  • Simple and Special

    • There’s always the opportunity to keep your holidays clean and minimal. This requires a defined color scheme where all accessories fit neatly into a distinct look. Blues or greens can be festive without the boldness of a holiday color like red.

Close up of a lit candle in a ring style wreath in a living room
A landscape path lit up with Modern Farm house outdoor post lights
Lighting Makes the Look

How you light your holiday home makes all the difference. From highlighting your hard work to defining your décor, lighting gives you a look you’ll love.


Unlike the iconic homes of the movies, lighting with string lights doesn’t have to blow a circuit or blind your neighbors with brilliance. Path lights can provide safety and guide guests toward an inviting interior. Create a welcoming entryway with a decorated front door. Wreaths are an easy way to liven up your home and a stylish doormat can bring the spirit of the holidays to your home.


There’s nothing quite as cozy as candlelight. Combining candles, fairy lights and dimmers can help create a serene setting. Try a light temperature of 2700K for a candle like effect. A statement fixture can add a touch of glamor and can be a simple way to change the look of a room.

Two oval mirrors with backlighting in a dining room
Evan chandelier hanging in the center of a foyer decorated with various holiday and winter items
Festive Touches

A little accessorizing can go a long way toward making your home feel dressed up for the holidays. Styling the fireplace with garland and accessorizing your mantle can create a focal point for your decorations. Holiday-themed throw pillows and blankets can be quick touches that invite people to make themselves at home.

However you choose to decorate or celebrate, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for your family and friends is a gift that keeps giving.

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