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January 18, 2024

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Illuminating Design Trends in 2024

Two delvin pendant lights in white and gold finish hanging

This year is the year of subtle luxury. This may sound like a paradoxical phrase but in practice, it’s a beautiful way to bring all the elegance without the ostentatiousness. Here we break down the subtle ways luxury is coming to life in homes in 2024

Low Key Luxury

First, what does low-key luxury mean? Timeless, well-made furnishings and fixtures are at the heart of this design trend. High-quality, aesthetically intentional accents serve as the stage, letting a mix of new and vintage elements mingle together to create one, beautiful aesthetic.

Solarium with rattan furnishing and Raffiana pendant lamp
Three midi wall sconces hanging above a den's art gallery wall

When you’re looking to make your space a little more luxurious, a good place to start is with textures. Elegant materials like velvet, leather and reflective surfaces serve as accents on furniture and fixtures alike. Unique choices like soapstone countertops or textured wallpapers can help to create that luxurious and comfortable style

Subtle luxe can also be found in personal touches, where meaningful trumps superficial every time. If heirlooms aren’t a part of your story, scour flea markets, antique stores and vintage shops to find pieces that speak to you. Highlight them with picture lights that create a soft glow for a warm feel that’s inviting and lovely. 

Moody Design

Deep, dark, luxurious comfort is in this year in a big way. A contrast to the stark minimalism of the 2010s, color is making a comeback. Saturated hues in jewel tones create depth in furniture and cabinets. Wall colors are going to the dark side as well, as shown by Behr’s Color of the Year in Cracked Pepper, a soft black that gives gravity and weight to any space.

Dining room with dark brown walls and built in shelves with a black Emmala chandelier in the center
Modern bathroom with grey walls and light wood paneling featuring an adani vanity light in silver finish above a mirror

This year, wood is the new white when it comes to vanities and dressers. Using soft, warm light can add to the atmosphere while accent lighting like picture lights can highlight art while adding to the cozy vibe.

Micro Escapes

Outdoor deck with a large couch and fire pit, featuring a Brix sconce in black finish
Close up of a aviv sconces in black finish during the day next to two mirrors

Building on the theme of comfort and wellness, spaces that promote relaxation are playing an important part of home decor this year. No more tossing a yoga mat next to the spare bed or reading on that uncomfortable loveseat. Dedicating spaces for a reading nook, an outdoor living space or even a decadent bathroom with a chandelier for in-home spa sessions mean these in-home getaways are no longer seen as luxury but a necessity. This year we see homeowners focuses on their outdoor spaces to maximize their living space and enjoy some quality time with mother nature. Consider a stylish ceiling fan to keep the patio cooler during the warmer months. Indoor or outdoor, warm lighting with purpose can create the perfect mood for relaxation while a task fixture can provide light for dedicated activities.

Amplify Your Luxury with Luxe Light

Use layers of light to enhance any style. From moody and mellow to bright and beautiful, using light layers lets you control the tone of your home.

The first layer of light to consider is ambient lighting. Soft, warm light is created by evenly spaced downlights, tape lighting or ceiling fans and make up the base canvas of your lighting system.

Next is task lighting. This layer is concentrated where routine tasks get accomplished, like homework, cooking, putting on makeup, and brushing teeth. Sconces and picture lights can illuminate tasks and accents while adding a style all their own.

Finally, accent lighting is like the finishing touch.Style forward lights like Arabella and Arcus can make a statement while shining bright  And if your style calls for a little 'extra', LED sculptural pieces like Chennai are an elegant way to add a luxe accent. 

Two oval mirrors with backlighting in a dining room
Arcus chandelier hanging over dining table tucked in a nook

Low-key luxury is a stunning way to make your style stand out. It’s comforting, creative, and full of fun. Be on the lookout for this look that whispers elegance while standing strong in its style.

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