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      2023 Trends

      This year, the 2023 design trends are a study in contrast. Warm minimalism breathes neutrals and naturals into our homes while bold maximalism covers walls in splashes of color and texture. The feelings and moods we try to set within our home are consistent, however. We’ll be reintroducing our home to the world, showing off our creativity and personality and making room for flexibility within our spaces. See what 2023 has in store for your home.

      Warm Minimalism

      As cozy as it is comforting, warm minimalism is awash in neutrals. Sandy dune and rust tones evoke the beige sand of the desert while plants and branches bring pops of green to liven up the room. Hand-formed objects mimic the uneven but natural shapes of the outdoors and a perfectly imperfect quality exudes a lived-in, cozy feeling. To light your minimalist space, try a micro decorative mount like Caputo or a delicate pendant to keep your décor to a minimum while maximizing your style.

      Dining Room-Topiary-grabs-8785-600x600.jpg Nasa-84321MBK-Overall-Night-1B.jpg

      Bold Maximalism

      It’s ok to take up space in 2023. Whether it’s lighting that is made to be seen or bold architectural elements, this is the year to let your creativity shine in a big way. In addition to accent walls, this year mural-like wall coverings are making themselves seen. Showing what you’re passionate about through art and decoration brings your personality to a home that’s uniquely yours. Mid-century-inspired lighting like a Sylvia wall light shines bright on a jewel toned accent wall while a statement piece like the Armstrong chandelier is unmistakably bold.

      Bedroom-Sylvia-52174BK-Detail-Day-1B.jpg DiningRoom-Armstrong-43119NBR-1200x1200.jpg

      Creative Confidence

      In 2023, express yourself within your space. Make it different from anyone else’s. Be proud of self-care spaces like a bold sitting area or spa-inspired bathroom and don’t hide away the quirky aspects of your life. Years of self discovery (and rediscovery) have made us all proud of what we’ve been through. Whatever your style, let it shine in 2023.

      Bathroom-LED-6DD24V060WH-Overall-Day-600x600.jpg Office-Brahm-300048NBR-DetailGrabs-Day_079-600x600.jpg

      Flexible Spaces

      Gone are the days of a parsed-off and sectioned-out home. Multi-use, open spaces allow you to live your life in every square inch of your home. From an office that doubles as a yoga space to a kitchen with a counter that invites deep dinnertime discussions, let your space be flexible and be proud of all you accomplish every day in your home.

      Office-Trentino-52165BK-Overall-Night-AllOn-1B.jpg Kitchen-Montauk-44306LBL-Detail-1200x1200.jpg

      Reintroducing the Home

      This year is your chance to open up and air out your covid-era sanctuary. Entertaining is back on the menu for many and it’s an opportunity to reintroduce your family and friends to who you are and what you love. Welcome yourself and your loved ones home with cozy accents and comfortable seating. This isn’t a time to create a home designed only to impress, this is the year to create a space where you feel comfortable and calm, ready to be yourself and let others see the real you.

      13-Dining-Room-Thisbe-Lifestyle-600x600.jpg 029-LivingRoom-Jace-Birkleigh-Branches-Lifestyle-600x600.jpg

      Blank Canvas

      Letting your creativity be your style guide is a theme that will be following us all throughout 2023. Proving the point is Behr’s 2023 Color of the year: Blank Canvas. This creamy beige is the perfect backdrop to go bold and is warm enough to stay minimal without feeling cold. Complementing this warm hue is the Castle Collection from Behr and Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines®, a paint palette of ten brand new, muted and warm colors inspired by Magnolia’s Castle renovation, a historic landmark in Waco, Texas.

      livingroom1.jpeg Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 8.40.53 AM.png entryway1.jpeg

      There's a lot to love about style in 2023, but the bottom line is let yourself shine. As our partners at Delta put it in their 5 Impactful Home Design Trends for 2023 article, “It’s your space, it should be a reflection of you. Throw the typical design rules out the window and create a truly authentic space that you will love.” Be bold about what you like. Be unabashedly yourself with your style and you can’t go wrong.

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