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      Trends on the Rise in 2022

      We embark on 2022 with a sense of optimism and hope. And with a brighter outlook comes the opportunity for a more well-designed and intentional home. Here are the design trends to watch out for in 2022, featuring some quotes and style ideas from our friends at Delta Faucet and Behr Paint.

      Warm Up

      Warm colors are welcoming us home this year. Whether it’s in furniture, cabinets or paint colors, colors with an undertone of reds, oranges and purples are heating up designers’ palettes this year. This applies to neutrals like warm white, which is showing up in hardware, furniture and lighting fixtures. We also see the warm welcome with bold colors like a warm watermelon, terracotta or yellow. This signifies a desire to create a home that feels comfortable, continuing a trend from the past few years of lived-in luxury.

      Bedroom-Valserrano-44380NICS-Overall-Day-1B-600x600.jpg Kitchen-Abbotswell-43498BK-59002BK-Detail-Day-1B.jpg

      Nature Made

      Just as we’re creating a space in our homes that feels warm and cozy, we are also bringing the outdoors in with natural wood tones in everything from floors and the rugs that cover them, to cane and raffia furniture. Whether it’s light birch or dark walnut, the branch that grows between these different wood tones is the idea that the character should shine through. Rather than a dark stain on a floor or island cabinets, natural finishes showcase the unique elements of the wood.

      DiningRoom-CapitolHill-52304BK-Overall-Day-1B-600x600.jpg LivingRoom-Caputo-84321MBK-Overall-Day-1B-600x600.jpg

      “Greenery and Plants have purifying qualities and are very popular when there’s such emphasis on clean environments, healthy living, calm and stress-free homes. There’s a feeling of connection and warmth that’s derived from the coziness and luxury of plants.”

      - Ben Stoler; Industrial Designer @ Delta Faucet 30 under 30 winner


      If you are looking for ways to incorporate color while honoring the outdoors, consider the Behr color of the year, Breezeway. Breezeway naturally harmonizes with shades of white, gray and natural wood tones for effortless style in any room.

      PaintBucket-Breezeway-ColoroftheYear-600x600.jpg Office-Behr-Breezeway-Coloroftheyear-600x600.jpg

      Good Character

      Showcasing the imperfect elements in the home extends beyond wood this year. Hand-formed ceramics, interesting furniture forms and natural stones like concrete or marble have variations that make each piece special. Whether it’s a burlwood coffee table or the uneven grain in a marble countertop, these small imperfections are being celebrated and add an element to your space that is unlike any other. If you prefer some color on the walls, try something bold, like Behr Ocean Abyss, mixed with furniture in natural colors and textures. Unique lighting applications like tape lighting and custom channels help create unexpected pops of character. 

      OceanAbyss_BEHR_21.05_COLORTRENDS_THS_BED_002_RGB.jpg DiningRoom-Jovian-84314CG-Overall-Day-1B.jpg

      "In 2022 we are looking forward to the rise of custom lighting solutions that work as hard as we do. Many of us have made our homes an office, school, gym, spa; etc. Think task lighting, custom channel integration, tapping into light layering... the sky is the limit."

      - Mollie Hambro, Associate, Trend and Design @ Kichler Lighting


      Old, New and Everything In Between

      Mixing old and new elements build on the unique aspect of design this coming year. Ultra-modern fixtures are shining bright in historic, traditional spaces, while modern architecture is incorporating antique rugs and family heirlooms. Pair these with a vintage bar cart or a buffet found at the local flea, and you’ll have plenty of conversation starters at your next soiree (not to mention all the decorating advice you’ll be dishing out … on a second-hand platter of course.)

      DiningRoom-Kimrose-52414PN-Overall-Day-1B.jpg Bathroom-Arabella-43363NBR-84066CG-Overall-Day-1B-600x600.jpg

      “We are seeing a lot of finish mixing and customization. You might have champagne bronze shower head with matte black framed doors. We’re used to seeing that in the kitchen, but now people are taking that fresh approach to the bathroom.”

      - Maris Park, Industrial Designer @ Delta Faucet


      Comfort is King

      When it comes to staying in our homes more than ever before, we’ve learned that if it’s not comfortable, it doesn’t work. Which is probably why plush, oversized furniture is all the rage these days. Sculptural, soft, tufted and lush, sofas and chairs capture our attention while enveloping us in comfort.

      Living-room_Priam-84313MBK-Overall-Day-600x600.jpg Living-Room-Kadas-52209PN-Overall-Night-1B.jpg

      “I think for a design to be up to date in 2022 it has to inspire a feeling of comfort within the home. Homes are now our safe space from what is happening in the world and the items, colors, finishes need to reflect that feeling of relaxed comfort throughout the home.”

      - AJ Tentler; Industrial Designer @ Delta Faucet, 2022 NKBA 30 under 30 winner


      Sconces Light Any Space

      Where the spotlight once shown on chandeliers, sconces are making a statement in a big way in 2022. Sconces beside a bed, adorning a bathroom mirror or illuminating the sides of a built-in bookshelf, these light fixtures are making their mark in the home. And maybe that’s because they’re so versatile, they can act as their own pieces of wall decoration. When you’re thinking of lighting your home in 2022, think of sconces first.

      Office-Sylvia-52174BK-Overall-Night-1B.jpg DiningRoom-Alden-43363BK-Mid-Day-2.jpg

      2022 trends are all about comfort, style and tranquility at home. Whatever the style may mean to you we have the right lighting to set the right mood for your space.

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