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      Path Lighting

      Path Lighting
      What type of lighting is best for walkways? Path lights, also known as path and spread lights, are used to illuminate walkways and highlight low-growing foliage in landscaping beds. Find out more in the Landscape Lighting Guide
      How do you illuminate a pathway? You can either stagger or alternate the path lights on either side of the walkway, depending on the access you have to the walkway. Keeping all pathway lighting on one side of the walkway will generally be a more economical installation.
      How many lumens are best for a path light? Homeowners who want to illuminate their walkway safely will want to stay between 85-150 lumens, whereas a commercial application might want a brighter light with 250 lumens. 
      What is the spacing for path lights? The spacing depends on the distance of the spread and the lamp's lumens output. The fixture's design also plays a role because it could potentially restrict the light output. Generally, however, we recommend spacing between 10 feet to 14 feet between each fixture to avoid overlighting.