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      Pendant Lighting Rayleigh pendant 83324 shown in bedroom


      Pendant Light

      Let’s face it; pendants are having a moment right now. In fact, they have been for a while. That's because they combine form and function in a truly stellar way. As versatile in style as they are in their options for placement.

      What does pendant light mean? Pendant – An ornamental hanging fixture without multiple arms where the glass or diffuser opening faces down. Inverted Pendant – An ornamental hanging fixture without multiple arms where the glass or diffuser opening is facing the ceiling.

      How do you install a pendant light? While different, the installation of a pendant light and a chandelier is quite similar. We recommend following the specific instructions that came with your chandelier. For additional help, check out our Installion Guide for tips on how to install your pendant.

      How many pendant lights should you use over a kitchen island? It depends on the size of your island and the size of your pendants. You can find some general guidelines in our Pendant Selection Guide.

      How high should you hang a pendant light from a kitchen island countertop? A general rule of thumb is to allow for 36" between the bottom of your pendant and the countertop.

      Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you what statement piece works best for your home. However you hang them, pendants are sure to light up any space with brilliant style.


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      Where to Buy

      Kichler products are available only through a network of showrooms, retailers and dealers. Connect with a Kichler specialist in your area for more information on available products, pricing and delivery. 


      Whether you're interested in a certain lighting category or a stylized collection, it's easy and quick to browse products with our interactive catalogs.

      Customer Care

      Customer Care

      We’re here to offer expert advice and to support you each step of the way. If you need further information from Kichler Lighting, contact our Customer Care Department.