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      Vanity Lighting

      There’s no reason your bathroom can’t be both functional and beautiful. And a captivating bathroom starts with beautiful lighting.

      What is a vanity light? A vanity light is generally hung over a bathroom mirror, providing light from above and from the side.

      How should you install vanity lights? Vanity lights should be hung over the mirror and centered on the plumbing. The centerline of the vanity light should be hung 72” above the floor.

      What size should the light fixture be over the bathroom vanity? Both the mirror and the room size must be considered when determining which is best for your space. Visit our Bathroom Selection Guide for additional suggestions on vanity lights.

      Is it better to have vanity lights up or down? This is more of a preference. With the exposed light bulb facing down, there will be a bit more light, but glare will increase. With the diffuser/glassware facing up, some light may get blocked, but the glare can be reduced.

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      Where to Buy

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      Customer Care

      Customer Care

      We’re here to offer expert advice and to support you each step of the way. If you need further information from Kichler Lighting, contact our Customer Care Department.